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Are Carrie Underwood Fans Going to Boycott Her Music Over John Legend ‘Hallelujah’ Collaboration?

by Emily Morgan
Are-Carrie-Underwood-Fans Going-to-Boycott-Her-Music-Over-John-Legend-‘Hallelujah’-Collaboration?
(M. Caulfield/WireImage, Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood may need her own “hallelujah” after receiving heat for collaborating with John Legend on a new holiday song. 

On Friday, Underwood announced via Instagram that the duet’s official music video, “Hallelujah,” was now available for fans on Underwood’s Youtube channel. The duet is a part of Underwood’s new Christmas album, My Gift. Underwood also released the video via Facebook on Thursday.

Despite the holiday cheer, Underwood’s fans took little time to announce their displeasure at the collaboration. 

One fan was eager to point out her distaste for the collab, writing, “John Legend ruins it! He is so Anti American and a BLM believer!! No Carrie No!!! AND he has been SO hateful to our President Trump!!!”

Many of the fans agreed on the disapproval of the duet, citing Legend’s endorsement of controversial topics such as Black Lives Matter and his outward disapproval of President Trump.

One user even commented that Underwood might want to “pay attention to this.” They continued, writing, “Don’t forget who your fans are… I can assure they are not America hating leftists.”

With over 9.9 million Instagram followers, a potential boycott of the megastar could be disastrous for Underwood. With her upcoming Christmas special premiering on HBO Max, Underwood could lose viewers (and fans) due to the controversy.

Fans Supportive of Carrie Underwood, But Not On Her Choice To Include Legend for Some

Regardless of the overwhelming backlash, many fans still expressed their love and support for the country music star. One user wrote, “Absolutely love your music Carrie, but this is a hard pass for me with John Legend on board.”

The comments’ overall tone seems to support Underwood, but not her choice to include Legend on the album.

Another user wrote, “Love you..not crazy about him. I’ll pass on the song.” Hopefully Underwood will be able to make it up to her fans in time for Christmas.

Underwood’s HBO Special, “My Gift,” will premiere on Dec. 3. You can watch the video for “Hallelujah” here.