Are Travis Tritt and Clint Black Teasing a New Song Together?

by Thad Mitchell

Two of the biggest names in country music, Travis Tritt and Clint Black, could be teaming for new music together.

Tritt, a longtime country music icon, recently celebrated turning 58-years-old. As you might expect, Tritt’s social media saw a flood of incoming happy birthday wishes and kind words.

One particular social media post on Tritt’s Twitter page drew the attention of country music fans around the world. The happy birthday note came from none other than fellow legendary country music icon Clint Black. Along with wishing his good friend a pleasant birthday, Black makes some interesting comments that have caught attention. After reading the social media post from Black, it is fair to ask if he and Tritt have something up their sleeve.

“Wishing a Happy Birthday to my buddy, Travis Tritt!” Blacks writes in the Twitter post. “We’ve had a lot of laughs and even wrote a cool song together! Maybe we will record that one day soon!”

Travis Tritt and Clint Black Duet Would be Dream Scenario

It is easy to see how Black’s tweet has country music fans clinging to the edges of their seats. A Travis Tritt and Clint Black duet would undoubtedly be a hit and a dream scenario for country fans around the globe. The two singers are country music royalty and have had long and successful careers thanks to putting out high quality albums.

While nothing is official and sometimes a social media post is just a social media post, it isn’t difficult to build a level of excitement. Black clearly states that he and Tritt have written a “cool song” together. The keyword from this vantage point is “soon.” It is almost as if Black is putting out a tease to his and Tritt’s fan base that something could be in the works.

Fellow social media users and fans of the two country stars made known they would love to see the two collaborate in the near future. Black’s happy birthday tweet to Tritt drew more than 150 “likes” and retweets. The comments section was full of country music lovers encouraging Tritt to take Black up on the offer.

Here’s to hoping the two country titans do indeed team up some day for new music.