Ashley McBryde Brings Out Eric Church for Surprise ‘Midnight Rider’ Cover at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium

by Clayton Edwards

Ashley McBryde is currently on the road. She’ll be traveling all around the country in the coming months. However, she’s currently in the middle of a three-night engagement at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. McBryde kicked off her stint at the Mother Church on Thursday, August 27 with a massive set full of fan favorites and a few new tunes. The “Martha Divine,” singer even managed to work in at least one cover.

Ashely McBryde treated her fans to a cover of the Allman Brothers’ classic “Midnight Rider.” However, she didn’t do it alone. McBryde invited country superstar Eric Church to come on stage and help her belt the 70s hit. One fan was quick on the draw with her cellphone and was able to catch the dynamic duo paying homage to the Allmans. Check out the video below.

Ashley McBryde and Eric Church work amazingly well together. They swap lead vocals throughout the song as if they’re playing a musical game of catch. However, the best moments come when they sing together. Their voices go together like whiskey and Coke. Speaking of which, near the end of the song, Ashley and Eric share a little more than the song. While Church is singing, McBryde steps away from the front of the stage, grabs a couple of cups, and hands one to Church. They share a shot before finishing the song.

Watching these two greats on stage is more than enough to put a smile on your face. They sound great. More importantly, you can tell from the video that they are having a blast. These are the moments that make live music so special. Where else are you going to see Ashley McBryde and Eric Church knock back a shot while covering the Allman Brothers?

Eric Chuch also shared the moment on his Instagram.

Ashley McBryde Has Something in the Works

When Eric Church wrote his recent triple album, he went to a secluded spot with a team of writers and musicians and set to work. Ashley McBryde told CMT that she did the same thing during the first wave of quarantine in 2020.

McBryde and her compatriots all got tested and quarantined before embarking on a days-long writing retreat in a house in the woods. While there, Ashley McBryde said they wrote what could be three full albums. However, fans shouldn’t look for new music anytime soon. According to McBryde, that project, “Isn’t even close to coming out.”

However, she did test out some new material for her fans at the Ryman. She played “Whiskey and Country Music,” for the fans gathered at the Mother Church.

If you want a chance to hear Ashley McBryde’s new music before that mystery project hits shelves, you can get tickets to her This Town Talks Tour on her website. She’ll be on the road until January, barring any unforeseen setbacks.