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Ashley McBryde Tells Story Behind Horseback Riding Accident at Montana Ranch That Left Her Injured, Forced to Cancel Shows

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Ashley McBryde might be in discomfort from her recent accident, but the real pain comes from having to cancel her upcoming shows. This past week, the country star became injured while horseback riding through Montana before a performance. Unfortunately, McBryde lost her footing in the stirrup and ended up falling off the mare. After landing on her head, the Grammy-nominated country singer took a trip to the hospital and received multiple staples and a CT scan. Turns out, she had a pretty nasty concussion, too.

Now safely recovering at home, Ashley McBryde wanted fans to know that the decision to cancel her next few shows didn’t come easy. Not one to take a sick day, the singer couldn’t stand the thought of missing a night on stage. However, knowing the intensity of her head injury, McBryde knew she had to take a few days off until her scalp heals.

Worried her fans might think she’d shirked her duties as a country star, Ashley McBryde shared her story on Facebook.

As Ashley McBryde stated, she’s no rodeo cowgirl. However, she does have a good amount of experience on a saddle from her younger years. So, when she climbed on the back of an older yet speed-driven mare hellbent on leading the herd, she knew she needed to switch. Then she made a true connection with her new horse, a younger mare named Jenny.

“We crossed a suspended bridge without any problems,” McBryde explained. “We crossed a river that was chest deep to her with no problems. Even up the embankment with no unexpected jumps.”

Ashley McBryde Explained ‘Something Spooked’ Horse During Ride

Despite the budding friendship, the pair experienced some turbulence towards the end of the ride. However, Ashley McBryde explicitly stated that this was by no means the horse’s fault and that the mare “wasn’t trying to throw” her.

“On our last little journey to the barn, something spooked her. This wouldn’t have been a problem apart from my right foot slipping just outside the stirrup,” McBryde wrote. “I tried to correct it with no luck, and she was loping at a pretty good pace.”

Feeling herself lose balance, she alerted the barn owner of her fate before falling from the mare’s back and onto the ground. At first, McBryde thought she had hit her shoulder, but after examining her head wound, she realized that she needed to go to the ER.

Had Ashley McBryde only hit her shoulder during her tumble, it’s likely she would have continued her tour.

“You know me, I wouldn’t postpone a show for bumps and bruises,” the country singer assured fans. “But at the moment I am not able to walk without assistance.”

McBryde stated that she is in close contact with her physicians and is adamantly following every instruction so that she can get back on the road as soon as possible.

“And as soon as I am able to walk across a stage again, that’s where you’ll find me,” she wrote.