Ashley Monroe Completes Chemo, Rings Bell After Final Treatment: VIDEO

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Robin Little/Redferns)

As we all know, Ashley Monroe‘s doctors recently found that she has a rare form of blood cancer. However, she got to ring the bell after her final dose of Chemo therapy. This has been a struggle for Ashley Monroe and her family, so she is now celebrating the end of a dark path.

She shares with her Instagram followers how happy she is to be be done with treatments.

Her caption says, “Ring a ling a ling a ding dong ding… My last chemo is done! Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for praying for me. I felt them more than you know. I’ve never been more thankful. Ready to come back like never before in 2022!”

The comments are flooding with strong words of encouragement. For example, musician Karen Fairchild says, “This makes me SO happy!!!!”

Ashley is shedding tears of joy by the strong support system she has. Her fans, friends and family all have a special place in her heart now and forever. She is still asking for prayers to refrain from going through Chemo again. Hopefully she stays free from this disease forever!

How Ashley Monroe Balances Treatment and Creating Music

As she dealt with constant treatments, she somehow had time to release a Covers, as well as Hell of a Holiday with her band, the “Pistol Annies“. You might be thinking, “How did she have the time for all of this?” Well Outsiders, it’s one word and one word only, commitment. You’ve got to really show dedication in order to do what you love!

Not only did she release new music, but she also had to take care of her 4-year-old son. Wow, she lives a crazy busy life!

We are all patiently waiting for some new music now that she’s cancer-free! Congratulations Ashley! We are so happy for you and are so excited to see what you accomplish in the future.

The Rise to Fame

One of the most respected artist in country music is making a name for herself, as she continues to create meaningful music. She has been through a lot over the course of her time in Nashville, but that’s what makes it worth every minute.

Before rising to fame, she moves to Nashville with her mother after her father passes away from cancer. Then, she scores a songwriting deal at just 14-years-old. This girl has some serious talent! After a long time of writing tunes, she finally steps in the spotlight with her girl band. It began in 2011 with her long-time friends, Miranda Lambert and Angeleena Presley. After a short break, she signs a record deal with Warner Music Nashville.

Overall, she has came a long way in the music industry and continues to thrive every single day.