Audrey McGraw Serves a Serious Look in Powerful New Photoshoot

by Quentin Blount
Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

What better weekend vibes could we ask for? We all feel a little more complete after seeing Audrey McGraw post a stunning new photo to her Instagram page.

Audrey McGraw, of course, is the youngest daughter of one of country music’s biggest couples. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill share daughters, Gracie, 24, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19. And while the three girls each differ a couple of years in age, they can share in the fact that they are all popular on social media.

That especially goes for Gracie and Audrey McGraw. The two girls have gotten a lot of attention as of late and they continue to grow into their own. As for Audrey, she is becoming quite well known for being a spitting image of her mother, Faith Hill. The 19-year-old regularly posts photos of her looking like a younger version of her country star mom.

That was the case yet again on Friday afternoon.

“🖤 FaceTime by the amazing @thealexandraarnold,” Audrey McGraw wrote next to her most recent photo.

Gregorio Campos, a popular fashion photographer from Los Angeles, took notice of Audrey’s newest pose. He chimed in with a reply in the comments section telling McGraw that they should do a photo shoot.

“Have to shoot someday,” he said.

Meanwhile, other fans were loving the youngest McGraw daughter’s latest post as well. Some left comments such as, “Obsessed,” and “She’s a superstar!”

Audrey McGraw Looks Just Like Her Mom, Faith Hill

It doesn’t come as any surprise to country music fans, but it is still hard to believe just how much Audrey McGraw looks like Faith Hill. The 19-year-old daughter of the king and queen of country music has shared more than one photo of her looking just like her mother.

In one of her previous Instagram posts, Audrey McGraw poses with her hands on her hips in a plaid cardigan by Tory Burch. The youngest McGraw tagged Tory Burch in the post along with crediting her photographer Morgan Maher for capturing the mature photos. Her outfit comes from the Tory Burch 2021 Spring-Summer collection. You can view that post on Instagram by clicking here.

As for Gracie and Maggie McGraw, although they aren’t identical to their mom, they still have their own unique looks and personalities. Gracie is living in Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a musical actress. And Maggie just recently graduated from Stanford University and is slated to begin grad school this fall. Audrey McGraw currently attends the American Academy for the Dramatic Arts.