Audrey McGraw Stops By ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife’s Bar

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage)

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter Audrey stopped by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife’s bar in a fun new post. Audrey’s parents are the stars of Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming Yellowstone prequel 1883, where they’ll play James and Margaret Dutton, great grandparents of the current Duttons.

In 1883, James, Margaret, and the rest of the Dutton family make the dangerous journey west in hopes of a better life.

“The best nights at Nic’s” she wrote in the caption.

Audrey McGraw’s Parents are Hard at Work for the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

In 1883, James, Margaret, and the rest of the Dutton family make the dangerous journey west in hopes of a better life. Now, it looks like Audrey is getting to have some fun at Nic Sheridan’s bar as her parents work on the show. The Yellowstone prequel has Tim McGraw and Faith Hill co-starring alongside Sam Elliot.

Not only that, but Tim McGraw’s Friday Night Lights co-star Billy Bob Thorton has also just joined the cast. Tim Mcgraw is very excited to get to work with him again.

“So cool to have Billy Bob Thornton join 1883!!” McGraw stated in a tweet. “We worked together on Friday Night Lights. Can’t wait to team up on this one!”

‘1883’ Aiming For Extreme Accuracy

If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, they didn’t hold back when it came to authenticity, so this won’t be your average show. Production invested in an entire 1800s town being built for the set, and they have 30 wagon trains authentically built up for filming.

“Taylor is shooting this with 30 wagon trains, going across America,” Executive producer David Glasser told Deadline. “He has no interest in falling back on CGI, either. Neither does the production team, which aims to make 1883 an epic for the ages.”

Tim McGraw recently shared a photo from the set of what looks like a camp as the group heads west.

The accuracy doesn’t stop with the set either. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan hired a whole team of historical advisors to bring accuracy to the writing as well. Everything has come at a hefty price tag, but Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan wants the show to be absolutely epic as they grow the show into a franchise.

“Look, this is not going to be an easy or inexpensive show to make,” Sheridan said. “This is going to be epic and huge. And I want to tell it in the scope as if I were making a 10-hour movie.”

The show is currently being shot in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s gotten a ton of attention from locals, who are excited to see more filming get done in their city.

1883 is just an added bonus for Yellowstone fans, who are absolutely thrilled to be getting season four in November. But 1883 isn’t far away. The show will air on December 19th this year.