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‘Bandaid on a Bullet Hole’ by Morgan Wallen: Lyrics, Release Date, and Everything To Know

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

There doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop Morgan Wallen as long as he puts out hits like Bandaid on a Bullet Hole. While the song was originally an exclusive track on his Dangerous: The Double Album project, he released it for all to hear at the beginning of 2021. Through all the troubles that Wallen has been through, he has inspired a large fan base that can’t stop playing his music.

We’ve all had our hearts broken. And, a simple fix isn’t the solution most of the time. It’s kinda like…putting a bandaid on a bullet hole.

Morgan Wallen – ‘Bandaid on a Bullet Hole’

  • Best Lyrics: And I poured some whiskey/On places you kissed me/Tried to wash off all the hurt/But ain’t nothin’ workin‘”, “If I was only heart broke and lonely I’d head on back down to the bar/Find me a companion/But you left a canyon/Can’t nobody fill in this heart
  • Release Date: January 29, 2021
  • Written By: Ashey Gorley, Jacob Durrett, and Morgan Wallen
  • Produced By: Jacob Durrett and Joey Moi

Morgan Wallen with Another Heart Break Ballad, ‘Bandaid on a Bullet Hole’ Lyrics

With a soft piano and a little of that familiar grit in his voice, Morgan Wallen puts a lot of emotion into Bandaid on a Bullet Hole. Fans are all in on his sad songs and stories. He has a lot of tearjerkers and ballads that talk about what-could-have-beens and filling your heartache with whiskey. This song is about one of those times when not even Jim Beam can fix your sad soul.

Girl, since you left me
Been tryin’ to forget we
Ever became what we were
And I poured some whiskey
On places you kissed me
Tried to wash off all the hurt
But ain’t nothin’ workin’
I’ve lived out the words in
A thousand old sad country songs
But whenever I try to move on

In the opening, we get our setup, like any well-written song. We have our heartbroken main character and we know just how down he is at this moment. With the methodical piano behind the lyrics, the entire mood is set almost immediately. That’s when we get our chorus for the first time.

It’s like tryna put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole
Tryna tell a cowboy to slow down
It’s like watchin’ the way that the river rolls
And then tellin’ it to turn back around
And I’ve held some strangers, told people I hate you
But I just keep hittin’ a wall
It’s like tryna put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole
It just don’t do me no good at all

Getting Over a Broken Heart Isn’t Easy

We get down to how sad and broken our cowboy is in the story with the second verse. Nothing good is going to come when a man is this down low. He just wants answers to finish out our last verse of the song and like most poor fools in this position, he’s asking why and how.

If I was only
Heartbroke and lonely
I’d head on back down to the bar
Find me a companion
But you left a canyon
Can’t nobody fill in this heart

And baby, tell me how you did it?
I just gotta know
And tell me what’s your secret?
And how’d you let me go so easy?

Whatever pain that Morgan Wallen was going through while writing Bandaid on a Bullet Hole, I sure don’t want any part of it. However, there are plenty of people out there that will find something to relate to with this song. Despite being a bonus track originally for those that bought Dangerous from Target, Wallen released it for the masses in January 2021.

Morgan Wallen Still Enjoying the Success of ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’

When Dangerous: The Double Album came out, it was a big deal. With these bonus tracks, the popular singles, and all the other tracks on the project, it has had longevity like no other. Beating out Luke Combs and Shania Twain, Wallen has the record for the most weeks at No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart. 51 to be exact. For a chart that’s been going since 1964, that’s a big deal.

Morgan Wallen and his sad songs like Bandaid on a Bullet Hole have etched out a section of country music fans for the young singer-songwriter. For the time being, he doesn’t seem like he’s ready to stop the momentum.