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‘Beachin’ by Jake Owen: How a Seaside Anthem Found Its Feet

by Katie Maloney
(Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

What’s the story behind Jake Owen’s number one hit song, “Beachin”?

There’s nothing like escaping to the beach to help cure the winter blues, or write some songs or find out you’re having a baby. At least, that’s exactly what the writers of “Beachin'” discovered before penning the hit song. We’ve all heard the relaxing vibes of Owen’s number one song. Now we’re here to reveal the details behind what inspired the song’s creation.

Jake Owen’s “Beachin”

They Just Couldn’t Stop ‘Thinking About The Beach’

The song is written by songwriters Jon Nite, Jaren Johnston, and Jimmy Robbins. During an interview, Nite shares the story behind the song. He says that he and his fellow songwriters had just returned from a songwriting festival on the beach called 3A. While there, the guys drank beer, hung out on the beach, and Nite even found out from his wife that there were going to have another baby. Undoubtedly, the time on the beach was a great experience for all of them. So, when they returned home to gloomy January weather in Nashville, all they could do was reminisce about their recent trip.

“So, we had a great weekend down there and we came back and (the temperature in) Nashville was 25 degrees at the time. A cold snap had just like swung down and we wrote at Jimmy’s house in Nashville. I remember we were just beating our heads against the wall for the first two hours of the write, because we were just literally sitting there, thinking about the beach,” says Nite.

Finally, Nite decided to grab the leftover beer he had from the trip and share it with the guys.

“I brought it in, and we all had a beer. And then we just started talking about the beach. And I read the first line and Jaren read it and said, “What if we just rap the line that you just said?'” says Nite. “And so that became the first line of the song. Then Jaren just started throwing lines and Jimmy started throwing lines.

Even the sound of a beer can popping open made it into the song, according to Nite.

“Jimmy took one of the beer (cans), and popped the top on it and sampled it, and made that the snare drum sound throughout the track and layered it in,” says Nite.

The songwriters loved the finished product and so did Owen. During an interview, Owen said that when he first heard the song, he said “sounds like if ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ had a sister song, this would be it.”

Jake Owen Says ‘Beachin’ Is Sister Song To ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’

The song spent 26 weeks on the charts and peaked in the number one spot. During the same interview, Nite talks about the decision to release the song in February as opposed to the summer. He says that decision may have contributed to the song’s success because it offered people an escape.

“I mean, it’s weird to me to hear it come out the first time in February. But then there’s that escapism. I need that. I need some like Hawaii and blues skies in my (winter), you know,” says nite. “When you have a beach song, drop it in February, I guess,” he adds.