‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Nicole Kidman Calls Her Relationship With Keith Urban a ‘Miracle’

by Lauren Boisvert

Nicole Kidman opens up about love, life, and, specifically, her 15-year marriage to country star Keith Urban in a new Marie Claire interview. Kidman, 54, recalls when the couple first met at the G’Day USA Gala in 2005, saying it took the singer 4 months to ask her out on a date, according to The Daily Mail.

But Kidman reveals that she considers their relationship a “miracle.” The actress states, “Two Aussies born in the same year, but living in different worlds and cities, how did that happen? It was meant to be.”

Keith Urban shares the sentiment, telling People, “I feel there was something else at work… bringing us together and then just continuing to watch over us.”

Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Regrets

Despite her miracle marriage, Nicole Kidman reveals she has some regrets; most notably, that she hadn’t met Urban much earlier. Although she claims the timing of their first meeting was “perfect,” this has led to the “longevity of their relationship,” according to The Daily Mail.

Kidman also admits she regrets not having more children; “I wasn’t given that choice,” she tells Marie Claire, opening up about her miscarriages and fertility struggles. “I would’ve loved 10 kids,” she says. “But that’s OK because I get to mother other children. I have six nieces and nephews and I’m godmother to 12.”

Kidman herself is mother to 4; Isabella and Connor Cruise with ex Tom Cruise, and Sunday and Faith with husband Urban. “Our life here [in Nashville] probably isn’t what you expect,” she told Vogue in 2017. “I read at the school. We’re a very tight-knit family—we get anxious if we’re separated more than two days.”

‘Never Just One Thing’

Early in her career, Nicole Kidman had fame on the brain, with roles in The Stepford Wives and Grace of Monaco. But with age comes experience, and a desire to step into her own identity artistically. Vogue said of her in 2017, “for all her glamour, she’s too recklessly interesting an actress to fit comfortably into the straitjacket of the blandly conventional leading lady.”

Kidman shed that straitjacket with the leading role in Moulin Rouge!, but slipped it back on in Bewitched. Now, she takes on layered, dark, and compelling roles; Celeste in Big Little Lies, for example, and most recently Masha in Nine Perfect Strangers.

“Nicole can never be just one thing,” said Yorgos Lanthimos, who directed Kidman in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. “She can’t be just a housewife; she can’t be just a doctor or just a mother, because she is sexy, funny, elegant, scary, and clumsy—sometimes all at the same time.”

Nicole Kidman has upcoming roles in the films Being the Ricardos as Lucille Ball, and The Northman, as well as TV roles in Roar and Expats.