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Best Country Heartbreak Songs of 2020

by Jacklyn Krol
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images for CMA

Country music is known for its storytelling and heartbreak hits. Discover the most popular and fan-favorite heartbreak songs released in 2020.

“I Hope” – Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett’s debut single is nothing short of a heartbreak anthem. The American Idol alum released “I Hope,” a tale of a cheater and a heartbroken significant other who hopes that someone cheats on him so he can learn how it feels. The song won the CMT Breakthrough Music Video of the Year award.

The song also became a crossover smash. It is now 3x Platinum in both the United States and Canada. Overall, it peaked at No. 3 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. Barrett tapped pop mastermind Charlie Puth for a new version of the song that also speaks about the same situation from a male perspective.

Barrett shared the story behind the song and revealed that the inspiration did not come from a failed relationship. She revealed that she witnesses these situations in her personal life.

“Love Has No Heart” – Carly Pearce

After releasing “I Hope You’re Happy Now” with Lee Brice last year, Carly Pearce returned with another heartbreak anthem. “Love Has No Heart” is off of her self-titled album. The record debuted at No. 6 on the country charts.

Although this track was never a single, it spoke to fans. The track was written by Sara Haze, Shane McAnally, and Trevor Rosen. Pearce sings about wasted time after a failed relationship before the lyrics take a turn and playing back the relationship and how foolish the couple was to think it would work.

“Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s” – Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt’s “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s, “tells the story of a man who can’t let go of an ex. He references social media and that breakups were easier over twenty years ago. Having a song about being haunted by a former lover is nothing new to music, but adding the 90s spin on it made it a huge success.

Fans quickly noticed the similarities of Hunt’s breakout smash, “Break Up In A Small Town.” Hunt sure knows how to articulate regret after breakups in every possible scenario.

“I Should Probably Go To Bed” – Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay’s “I Should Probably Go To Bed” is a smooth upbeat ballad that will have you humming along for days to come.

According to CMT, Dan Smyers produced the song solo and performed every instrument on the track in his home studio. Smyers co-wrote the song with Shay Mooney, Sean Douglas, and Jason Evigan. Smyers’ wife, Abby, lends backing vocals on the track. It reached No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and No. 42 on U.S. Adult Top 40 year-end chart.

The song came about after quarantine happened and they were in lockdown for two months. They were inspired after realizing that they have time to really perfect this idea and recorded the song in Smyers’ DIY home studio with mattresses on the wall, similar to their beginnings.

“This sentiment, this hook, we’ve had it in our phones for a long time,” Smyers told People. “We were all pulling from past experiences and stirring them up in a pot and out came this song. I think a lot of people can relate to it, whether it’s a past relationship that you can’t get over or whether it’s some other temptation that’s pulling you and rendering you defenseless. Whatever it is, I feel like we’ve all gone through it in some way, shape or form.”

“More Hearts” – Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress is a new name to popular country music but has already left her mark on it. Her official debut single, “More Hearts,” is beyond breathtaking. The song deals with subject matter that is not often, if ever, talked about in music. Andress sings about how a breakup will hurt her family and friends more than her and that if they break up, it will break several hearts.

Her full record included the deluxe version of the song with backing vocals from Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Kimberley Schlapman. The song debuted at No. 88 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Additionally, it reached Platinum certification in the United States. The song was nominated for the Song of the Year title at the CMA Awards. In addition, it was also nominated for Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards.

“That line is just supposed to hit hard and let them know how much emotionally is on the line for people in my family,” she told Genius. “And it’s more of me just stating the fact that I will probably get over this quicker than they will, but they obviously mean the world to me, so you better not mess up.”

“I Kept The Roses” – Tenille Townes

Tenille Townes had a breakthrough year and a handful of popular songs. “I Kept The Roses” is an achingly beautiful track that speaks about getting rid of everything that reminds you of an ex, except roses. The roses she keeps right by her bed, although they should make her sad it makes her happy. Because that person wasn’t the one but they were the closest she has gotten. She let the rest of him go including the pictures, t-shirts, and memories but kept the roses as a reminder.

Townes reminded country listeners that there can be a spin on a classic waltz, which is exactly what she does with the track. “We were all kind of sitting in a circle in the church and just jamming with the band,” Townes recalled in a press release. “I remember playing and singing this one and kind of live tracking it with the band, and that was really cool. I love the three-part harmony of the song and the metaphor of really kind of holding onto the good parts in anything that we go through, and being able to smile at the way that an experience shapes you.”

“Wasted On You” – Morgan Wallen

Who knew that an unreleased song could get so much fan support and love? Morgan Wallen shared a demo with fans this summer that got social media talking. The song is relatable for anyone that has ever experienced a breakup. Thinking about the wasted time, energy, and prayers over a now failed relationship. Wallen wanted fans to weigh in on the ballad and shared it on his social media platforms.

Josh Thompson, Ernest and Charlie Handsom co-wrote the track with him. As of right now, we only have live-streamed performance versions and the original Voice Note app demo. Fans are still crossing their fingers for an official release.

“Happier For You” – Cam

After taking a hiatus from releasing records, Cam returned to country music with her most personal album to date, The Otherside. The song has become a fan staple with the relatable lyrics. Cam sings about an ex getting married and moving on. She describes the feeling as being not okay at the moment but eventually moving past it. The song aches with emotion wondering if the former loved one still thinks about them but realizing that one day she will be happier for them.

Although Cam is known for her songwriting, this track she did not write but felt like it belonged to her. The song was written by pop superstar Sam Smith and Tyler Johnson.