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Best Waterfowl Hunting Country Music Songs

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images

For many, hunting is a tradition passed down from one generation to another. There are many types of game to hunt, but there’s nothing quite like duck hunting. For all would-be duck hunters out there, consider one of these tunes to be your anthem.

Outsider compiled the best songs about hunting waterfowl to listen to next time you’re on the waterways or preparing for a hunt.

Top Songs About Hunting Waterfowl:

  • Duckaholic’s Anonymous by Steve Conover “We can’t help the way we feel. Big ducks we love to kill,” Conover swoons in this ballad to duck hunters everywhere. The song makes for the perfect companion for your next outing. But be warned the lyrics are incredibly catchy and might stay in your head for days after the hunting is done.
  • Duck Blind by The Bone Collector Name another country song about waterfowl hunting that actually features a duck call? Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson set the perfect beat to traverse the water-ways to, with a thumping soundtrack. The song includes lyrics like, “Here comes the ducks. Hit the high baller. Shut up the dogs and stare at the water.”
  • Ol’ Duck Blind by Brad Cotter Brad Cotter sings about early morning hunting, “They’re going to fly, boys, keep your heads down. Here their wings whistle when they swing back around.” The tune is as fun as it is catchy if you can find it online or happen to have the “Hunting and the Great Outdoors” album. It can be difficult to track down on streaming services like Spotify.
  • Sittin’ In A Duck Blind by Greg Goodall Okay we lied before. There’s definitely another song that uses a duck call, and that’s this upbeat hunting tune by Greg Goodall. Those ducks better watch out when Goodall’s out on the hunt. “Those ducks fly-in, but they ain’t flying out. I guarantee you that. When I give the word, take them, boys. That’s when we’ll attack.”
  • My Fowl Life by 2am Logic If you want a more angsty song about duck hunting, you can’t go wrong with this interesting take by 2am Logic. The group sings of the ultimate duck hunting trip that you definitely want to be a part of. “Four states in six days. Chasing my dreams just can’t be wrong.” When it comes to duck hunting, it never is.
  • Grandaddy’s Gun by The Bone Collector This song will bring a tear to your eye. The tune is a poignant look at generations and also the legacy that a hunter leaves behind. Hunting is often a tradition shared between parent and child or in this case grandfather and son. Nothing could replace those duck hunting memories. “It shot many a shell over a top of an old bird dog.”
  • Eyes to The Sky by Walt Gabbard “Going to wait until they drop from the heavens just right. Me and my buddies and my dog at my side,” Gabbard sings. The song sings of the joys of hunting waterfowl and all the preparation that goes into a trip. But ultimately, Gabbard wouldn’t want to live life any other way.
  • It’s Alright To Be A Redneck by Alan Jackson The term “redneck” gets thrown around as a derogatory term for people in the South. But if it means he gets to hunt and fish, Alan Jackson is okay with being a redneck. For instance, he particularly loves going duck hunting. “It’s alright to ride around in a dirty ol’ truck. Catch a bunch of fish and shoot a bunch of duck.”
  • Mossy Oak Song (Pass It On) by Tracy Byrd The song is another poignant look at what hunting means to so many families. The song also explores a bond between a grandfather and his grandson. “Oh, he showed me how to cast a line. Where the whitetail live and how to read their signs,” Byrd sings before also adding, “He’d lean my gun up against a tree, so he could hold a barbwire fence for me”

If you’re looking for songs to listen to about fishing or more generalized hunting, consider these top songs as well.