‘Better Together’ by Luke Combs: Heartfelt Story Behind 2019 Track

by Charles Craighill

Back in October, Luke Combs revealed what his hit song “Better Together” was about. According to Combs, the track is the second of three that will tell the story of his and his wife’s love.

The first came from his hit single, “Beautiful Crazy,” which came out on June second of 2017. It also reappeared on his deluxe album, This One’s For You Too from 2018. It became Combs’ fifth-straight single to peak at No. 1 and it stayed at the top of the charts for seven straight weeks.

The second song of the three-part story, “Better Together,” appeared on his 2019 album, What You See is What You Get. This album found him tons of success in the Awards season, including helping him take home the Album of the Year at the ACM Awards Ceremony. At the show, Luke Combs performed “Better Together.”

The final song of the Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking Combs love story came out in October of 2020. The song “Forever After All” appeared on Combs’ deluxe album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. This deluxe album features all of the original 18 tracks plus five new ones. The originals include “Forever After All” alongside “Without You,” “The Other Guy,” “Cold as You,” and “My Kinda Folk.”

Luke Combs on Writing “Better Together”

“‘Better Together’ is a song I wrote with one of my best friends, Joe Fox, and Phil Barton. We’d actually written that song about a year before we tracked it. We knew we had something cool in the version we wrote back then, but we also knew that it wasn’t quite there. The dots weren’t quite connected,” Luke Combs explained.

“The night before, literally the night before we went into the studio, Joe and I were hanging out. That song came up and he had an idea of how to work on it, and so we chased that down. We called Phil and Phil came over and we worked on that song. We finished it that night, and I sent it to Ash (Bowers) who I co-produce my stuff with. “

“I said, “Man- this might be fresh-baked cookies but I just love this song,” about the song. Then he said, “Man- I really love it too, we should cut it,” and so we did. Not only did we cut it but it’s the title track to the record. And really right now, I look forward to playing that song live as much as any of them, so it’s a special one for sure.”