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John Rich Unveils All-American ‘1776’ BBQ Sauce: ‘Every Bite Tastes Like Freedom’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Frederick Breedon IV/Getty Images)

Big & Rich’s John Rich wants to inject a little America into your barbeque. The singer announced recently that he is releasing his own line of signature sauces called 1776.

Rich gave an interview to Fox News’ Pete Hegseth earlier this week to announce he’d teamed up with Redneck Riviera to release the line.

Rich promised that the sauces are made in America and would support American workers. More than that, they taste like America.

“Every bite tastes like freedom,” Rich told Hegseth. “God bless America, everyday.”

And what does freedom taste like, you may ask?

“It lights your tongue up,” Rich said. “There are no bad ingredients. There is no high fructose corn syrup. Even the plastic bottle is sourced in America.”

The sauces went on sale recently. You can find out more here.

John Rich Hopes Hershel Walker Will Run for Georgia Gov.

John Rich of Big & Rich recently tweeted his support for the idea of getting the former University of Georgia superstar Herschel Walker to replace current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. He tweeted the idea earlier this month.

Both Rich and Walker are both outspoken President Donald Trump supporters. Rich is upset with Gov. Kemp because he declined to intercede in the presidential election on Trump’s behalf, USA Today reports. President-elect Joe Biden won the state by a slim margin.

Whether Walker would attempt to run to the right of Republican Kemp for a shot at the governor’s mansion is unclear. Walker hasn’t spoken on the matter directly. But he has expressed interest in public office in the past.

In 2010, Walker told ESPN’s Page 2 that he had some ideas to fix the nation’s problems.

“I might run for public office. We need to take back this country,” he said at the time. “I’m not talking about running for mayor of my hometown of Wrightsville, Ga., but a bigger public office.

“Our problem in the United States is we always blame the president for our problems. We never blame ourselves,” he continued. “We have to take responsibility for our actions and stop making excuses. People think you can just pray to make things happen. But you have to get up and do something.”