Bill Murray Used This John Prine Song to Get Through a Hard Time

by Charles Craighill

We have all found ourselves, at one point or another, in a sort of slump that we can’t seem to shake off. We all have different coping mechanisms for when this happens, however, most of us turn to music. For the legendary comedian Bill Murray, he turned to music by John Prine.

And honestly, there may not be a better artist to turn to in a time of trouble. The late songwriter’s humor, sincerity, and genuineness make his music palatable for all ages. Bill Murray talks about how John Prine pulled him out of a slump in a video message.

John Prine’s Music Saves Bill Murray

“So once upon a time,” Bill Murray explained in the message. “It was the first time I was ever what people would call clinically depressed. Well, just a real bummer to be around, like a real downer to be around. I just couldn’t get myself to have any kind of fun.”

He went on to recall something his friend Hunter S. Thompson said to him a while ago. Thompson suggests turning to John Prine to help improve his sense of humor. Later, when Bill Murray found himself in that slump, he did take Hunter S Thompson’s advice and listen through John Prine’s compilation album. Around track 26 of John Prine’s Great Days compilation album, Bill Murray had his moment.

“That was the beginning of the return,” Bill Murray says to John Prine. “I thought, ‘Huh, it just happened.’ That was a great day, so I owe you one.”

WATCH Prine and Murray Discuss Their Early Days

While John Prine certainly has a knack for expressing his sense of humor through his songs, Bill Murray has that knack with literally everything he does. Back in 2018 at the Up Close & Personal conversation by the Recording Academy Nashville Chapter, both Prine and Murray showed off that skill.

In the conversation, the two discuss their early days in Chicago trying to get a foothold in their field. They often crossed paths in town and mingled with the likes of John Belushi, Kris Kristofferson, and Steve Goodman. As always, their storytelling ability will keep you captivated the entire time.

As their careers have both proven, John Prine and Bill Murray achieved the level of success that they have due to their humble humor and genuine charm. It is no surprise that the two legends would share a love and respect for one another.