Billy Ray Cyrus Celebrates #MulletMonday With Classic Throwback Photo

by Outsider
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Billy Ray Cyrus is known for his iconic mullet from when he first started his career.

That’s why Cyrus took some time out to interact with the “#MulletMonday” hashtag with a classic photo. He’s seen with his lengthy tendrils tucked behind his ears. Clad in an impossibly ’90s muscle T-shirt, Cyrus looks like the entire decade distilled into a person.

“Happy #MulletMonday!” Cyrus tweeted. “Keep taggin’ me in your Mullet Monday pics every Monday and I’ll share a few!”

Fans were quick to reply with fun phrases like “ICONIC BILLY RAY MOMENT” as well as another photo of the country singer posing with a young fan.

Billy Ray Cyrus continues to totally rock the mullet

The hairstyle is typically associated with more “country” singers and their brethren, but anyone can rock it.

Though Cyrus wasn’t the first country singer to sport a mullet, he’s well-known for keeping it up over the years. Recently, he’s sported a lengthier haircut, but given that he rocked the mullet earlier on in his career, that’s what folks know him for.

If you want to see the mullet in action, be sure to check out the music video for “Achy Breaky Heart” from ’92. It’s a prime example of how iconic Cyrus’s hair really is in the industry. It was at least popular enough to bring back for a bit, too!

In fact, it’s iconic enough that his daughter Miley Cyrus has co-opted the mullet as her own hairstyle. Her style is more punk rock than country, but it’s impeccably Billy Ray at its core. Miley has been sporting the hairstyle for some time now, and it looks like it’s going to be her choice for the foreseeable future.

Billy Ray Cyrus continues to be a veritable inspiration in terms of music and fashion. Though the hairstyle is obviously “business in front, party in the back,” this country superstar has made it all party.

[H/T: Twitter/billyraycyrus]