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Billy Ray Cyrus Joins Wife Tish and Daughter Brandi on Marijuana-Based Podcast

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Billy Ray Cyrus dives deep into his own history with weed and reveals to his wife & daughter why he has decided to give it up.

Every Thursday, Tish and Brandi Cyrus get candid on their podcast, Sorry We’re Stoned. The mother-daughter duo discusses “everything from current events and Cyrus family stories to advice and design inspiration,” according to their website. And – you guessed it – they do it all stoned.

This Thursday, however, the Cyrus ladies are “taking Sorry We’re Stoned to a whole new level.” How so? Their special guest this week happens to be father, husband, and country icon Billy Ray Cyrus. Within the episode, Cyrus “joins Tish and Brandi to give some incredible advice, talk about performing live music, and share details on his personal journey with weed.”

If you didn’t know before or haven’t gathered from the few paragraphs above – the Cyrus family loves them some weed. While this may not sit well with many country fans who live in states where the drug is still illegal – Cyrus opens up on this exact topic – all the way down to why he doesn’t smoke anymore.

Billy Ray Cyrus Gets Candid on Weed

After covering a menagerie of topics, Cyrus’ oldest daughter cuts straight to the subject. “I need to ask the question we’re all dying to know here,” Brandi interrupts. “Who is currently more stoned – is it mom – or is it dad?”

“It ain’t me!” Billy Ray responds. Bombshell!

Tish is in on the knowledge, but Brandi seems out of the loop – and totally shocked by this. “Are you sure?” she asks.

“No – I basically – I don’t smoke anymore. No,” Billy Ray clarifies.

“Uhm, why?” Brandi asks. It’s important to note she is, in fact, not being a brat with this question. She knows her father well, and Billy Ray Cyrus has smoked weed for his entire adult life. He hid it as a young man, but now enjoys it legally when he can with his wife. Or at least, he used to.

So what had a long-time-closeted, now open smoker like Cyrus give up weed?

C-O-V-I-D,” the icon spells out.

“And that means I don’t get to go to California anymore,” he continues, citing places where smoking is legal. “And as you know… they stepped up! Like Colorado and so many other states should have long ago.”

“I mean hell’s bells I’m from the state of Kentucky,” Cyrus adds, as he dives into his history with marijuana. “Back when I grew up in the 70s, I asked my dad at one time, I said ‘dad, why does the state of Kentucky spend so much money destroying their #1 cash crop?”

Interestingly, we learn here that Grandpa Cyrus – Billy Ray’s Father, was a Kentucky State legislature.

“Son, I really don’t know,” he recalls his father saying. “I’ve done all I can do. I’ve checked this all out – There’s so many medical uses for marijuana.”

“He knew it at the time!” Billy Ray says. “1977-78, my dad was telling me this in the car.”

“I would find High Times laying around at school, or in the back of somebody’s car that could afford it. And even at the time – I’m no genius, but it seems to me like you could tax this stuff like you do tobacco – why don’t they tax this, and help paved roads, or get kids computers for schools, or for the medical benefits.”

But his father never could work through all the laws placed to prosecute those in possession of weed.

Billy Ray is “Staying Positive In Life”

So what is Billy Ray Cyrus doing instead of smoking weed?

“To answer Brandi’s question,” Billy Ray backtracks, “I’ve had to find, really, just a source of discipline for me to say: right now, there’s so much going on. Like… I really need to find a way to – I hate to use the word, but I’ll use it – focus. I focus to survive now. It’s tough.”

Through his answers, we learn that Billy Ray uses marijuana for many of its medical benefits. It helps calm him, and relieve the mass tension and stress that comes with showbusiness.

“I know a lot of veterans, PTSD – it’s tough on a lot of folks. It helps their mind tremendously, too,
he says.” You can just go down a list of what it can do to help.”

And Cyrus isn’t all in for “drugs” in general, either, as some will interpret. Marijuana is, after all, a plant that grows naturally as it is. When his wife and daughter move to the topic of state’s stances on psychedelics, Billy Ray reveals he’s “never done acid or anything of the like. Maybe I need to? But I haven’t,” they laugh. “Probably for the best.”

All in all, this drop in consumption has led Cyrus right back to where he belongs: his music.

“I’m really just leaning into my music, and just trying to keep my mind focused, and be positive in life. And just be positive, I don’t know what else to say. Be positive.”

Wise words from a man who’s seen many sides of the world.

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