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Billy Ray Cyrus Posts New Photo With Daughter Noah Cyrus: ‘DIG IT!’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images)

Father/daughter duo Billy Ray and Noah Cyrus are looking sharp in their latest Twitter image, with each rocking their own outlandish styles.

“DIG IT!!!” Billy Ray Cyrus says of the photo of himself with his youngest daughter, Noah. The Cyrus duo look like two stars-in-a-pod together. Papa Cyrus is rocking his trademark, custom hat, alongside a classic black leather jacket & aviators.

Noah, however, continues to break the mold with her own fashion. And unlike some of her past choices, that’s not a bad thing at all!

Noah Cyrus: Latest Cyrus Wild-Child?

The internet has not been kind to Noah Cyrus this year. Much like her sister Miley Cyrus before her, Noah has grown up fast into a defiant wild-child of a pop star.

Recently, the singer took to Instagram to share photos of herself smoking an enormous blunt… While wearing very little clothing. In a white crop top and sweatpants, Cyrus left little to the imagination for her followers.

Things got a bit out of hand, however, when Cyrus shared a video of herself dancing around her kitchen. As she raises her arms mid-swing, her shirt goes up with them. And Instagram gets a show. The video has since been removed.

In addition, Noah Cyrus wore almost nothing during her 2020 CMT Awards performance – and social media could not figure out how they felt about it.

During the unique awards show, 20-year-old Noah Cyrus sang “This Is Us” with Jimmie Allen. The outfit chosen for her moment in the CMT spotlight? A see-thru sheer bodysuit, with enough bedazzled adornments to cover… a bit.

In short: hardly anything was left to the imagination.

Billy Ray Helps Noah Cyrus Reign It In

Now, however, Billy Ray Cyrus is helping daughter Noah reign it in a bit. Showing off their rockstar-esque outfits together on Twitter, Billy Ray is one proud papa.

As mentioned, Proud Papa Cyrus is rocking his now-iconic hat – one that he had made custom for himself. If you follow the country icon, you know it’s all he wears these days. In addition, Cyrus has on some classic black effects – including his leather jacket & aviators.

Alongside him, this time is a barely-recognizable Noah Cyrus. The youngest of the bunch is still making some bold – and awesome – fashion choices – but this time… well… there’s a lot more fabric! In this 70s inspired jumpsuit, Noah looks fantastic. With this, too, comes proof positive that you don’t have to show your entire body to be seen.

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