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Billy Ray Cyrus Quotes Recent Release ‘Ghost Dance’ In New Photo in Great Outdoors

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Keep Memory Alive

“Come quick darling, come here, what a dream / Hold me while I tell you what I seen.” For country artist Billy Ray Cyrus, he’s seen a lot. After spending nearly 20 years in the industry, releasing 16 albums, and having six kids, there has to be a level of wisdom there.

The artist shared a photo on his Twitter of him in the midst of a forest. He quotes his most recent song release “Ghost Dance.”

Cyrus has most recently been working on his album “The Singin’ Hills Sessions – Mojave.” This is a five-song EP that is recorded, for the most part, in the Mojave desert.

The songs are a representation of everything the artist has done. That meaning, he is blending the genres he has dabbled in throughout his career. From country to rock ‘n’ roll to Americana to pop and soul. The artist has used his voice in many ways and in many collaborations.

“Ghost Dance” is one of the artist’s most spiritually-alive songs. He wrote it in 1996.

“An admirer of Native American history and culture, Cyrus was drawn to the circular tribal dance and the belief that with the cyclical nature of the world, you can bring back spirits and restore life. Getting back to his passion for crafting songs, this project is his own variation of a ghost dance and a depiction of his passage through life,” according to Adkins Publicity.

Cyrus is using this EP as well as the first part of the project, “The Singin’ Hills Sessions, Vol. I Sunset,” to emerge again as an independent artist.

This environmentally and spiritually awake album has re-released him into the industry. He would say “don’t call it a comeback,” but we might have to do just that.

Billy Ray Cyrus for Every Generation

Cyrus is appealing to a younger generation now. With his most recent work and collaborations, notably with Lil Nas X, his voice is reaching more people.

According to the Daily Collegian, the Penn State Student Programming Association will host the singer. There will be a virtual concert on Dec. 11 at 8 p.m.

The concert is free for students through their ID program.

It is unclear if the concert is open to others. However, there may still be time to enroll as a student at Penn State.

Beyond just college kids and country fans, even George H.W. Bush had a huge love for the “Achy Breaky Heart” artist.

In fact, Cyrus got a letter from the former president saying that he loved “Achy Breaky Heart” and that the “judges got it right” when he won CMA song of the year for the track, according to the Today show.

To listen to the rest of the artist’s EP release, click here.