Billy Ray Cyrus Remembers Tommy Lasorda with Throwback Pic: ‘Forever Bleeding Dodger Blue’

by Joe Rutland

Tributes have been flowing since the death of former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. Billy Ray Cyrus joins the crowd.

On Sunday, Cyrus shared a photo on Twitter of himself next to Lasorda taken at a game at Dodgers Stadium. Lasorda, who died last Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest at 93, always made time for celebrities and fans with photo requests.

Cyrus adds a tender note in the tweet with the picture.

Doctors discharged the Hall of Fame manager from the hospital on Tuesday. The Dodgers announced that Lasorda had returned home for the first time in seven weeks. Lasorda had a history of heart-related issues. The Dodgers’ official Twitter account confirmed Lasorda’s death and that it pertained to cardiac arrest. 

Cyrus admits that he held dreams of being a major-league baseball player way before country music success popped in his mind.

“I was a ballplayer,” he said. “I was going to be the catcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Or the Dodgers. That was my backup team, the Dodgers. I wanted to be Johnny Bench, but the Dodgers were scouting me. And I would have said yes to either.

“But I went to a Neil Diamond concert. I won tickets coincidentally in this odd, meant-to-be way, that I was supposed to be there. And I went to Charleston, W.Va. First time I ever won anything, that’s how I know it was meant to be. I never won anything; I won these tickets on the radio and Neil Diamond touched my light that night.”

Billy Ray Cyrus Talks About ‘Old Town Road’ Success

Meanwhile, back in the music world, Billy Ray Cyrus believes that his recent appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” might be a precursor of something new.

That’s because the last time he appeared on the couch with Clarkson, the “Old Town Road” singer was naive to what was about to happen to the world.

Hint: It was the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. He thinks returning to Clarkson’s show means he’s come “full circle.”

“It’s been crazy, you’re right,” Cyrus told Clarkson. “It was the last little bit of normal that I recall. I left your couch and did a Vegas show with Neil Diamond and Sammy Hagar. I caught a Southwest flight to Nashville the next morning. By the time I landed, the whole world had changed.”

Cyrus said the last time he was with Clarkson, “Old Town Road” was 10 times platinum. Now, he said it’s 13 times platinum.

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