Billy Ray Cyrus Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, Avila Brothers in the Collaboration We Didn’t Know We Needed

by Shelby Scott

Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg couldn’t be further apart when it comes to their music styles. But now, we’re here to share a new project starring the two artists in what is no April Fool’s Day joke. The duo paired up for a cross-genre piece, alongside the Avila Brothers, revealing a brand new collaboration we didn’t know we needed. The new project, entitled “A Hard Working Man,” dropped on Friday, April 1st. Check it out.

The brand new song kicks off with a modern twang, blending country and hip-hop-influenced instrumentals. The first line kicks off with “I’m a hard-working man.” We hear Snoop Dogg before the Avila Brothers take over the remainder of the introduction.

After cueing up the first verse, we head into the chorus which is:

“Papa told me/You gotta work hard to get your hustle on/Mama told me/You gotta be smart to get whatcha want.”

After a mix of vocals and a brief interlude, Billy Ray Cyrus follows Snoop Dogg and the Avila Brothers. The country singer takes it away with, “Represent for your city/Represent for your town/Represent for your country/Show ’em how you get down.”

Cue Snoop Dogg: “‘Cause I’m a hard-working man.”

I’ll let you explore the rest of the song for yourself. But its release definitely speaks to the multiplicity of genres that have begun to influence contemporary country music.

Billy Ray Cyrus Shares Empathy for Ukrainian People

Billy Ray Cyrus may indeed be a hard-working man. However, in a recent post, the country singer is praying for the hard-working people in Ukraine, as the country endures its fifth week at war with Russia.

The star’s Twitter post echoes many of our own thoughts. One of his latest Twitter posts reads, “My thoughts and prayers for the People of Ukraine.”

The horrors we’ve seen in photographs from the frontlines capture the brutality of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. However, even more significantly, Billy Ray Cyrus’s post came the same day the U.S. officially accused Russia of war crimes. Recently, Russia agreed to a ceasefire in order to let fleeing citizens leave the war-stricken regions of the European nation.

Nevertheless, many of Billy Ray Cyrus’s fans shared similar sentiments in the comments beneath his Twitter post.

“Amen billy ray,” responded one of the country star’s fans. “I feel so terrible for them.”

Another follower wrote, “It is incredibly sad and terrible what people in Ukraine must endure everyday.”