Billy Ray Cyrus Thanks Military Members For ‘Service and Sacrifice’ in Emotional 9/11 Tribute

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Billy Ray Cyrus joins the growing list of celebrities taking time out of their busy schedules in the entertainment world to pause and reflect on this somber anniversary day of the 9/11 tragedy.

Other tributes you might have missed but definitely should check out include the following: The National Park‘s 2,990 American flags, “Jeopardy!’s” Mayim Bialik with her Twitter statement, and Steve Buscemi’s recollections as a Volunteer Firefighter from that devastating day.

Like the others, Billy Ray Cyrus got pretty emotional during his speech but felt that saying nothing simply wasn’t an option.

Billy Ray Cyrus Says Song Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Billy Ray Cyrus found himself in the middle of a live set when he chose to take a break from performing to address the audience. He starts off by saying “this song takes on a whole new meaning tonight.” He then continues on with the following: “I’d like to dedicate this song to all of our men and women in uniform. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice.”

There’s a brief pause for the crowd to voice their support in the form of clapping and some cheers before Cyrus ends on a high note. He says: “Everybody out there. God Bless America!” Again, small cheers erupt and they lead right back into the rest of the set.

If you’d like to listen to Billy Ray Cyrus deliver his powerful speech, you can do that right here:

Where Was Billy Ray During the 9/11 Attacks?

A majority of Americans share time capsule memories of the exact moment they found out about the horrors facing America that fateful September 11th day. Billy Ray Cyrus is no different. He sat down with Pop Goes the Culture TV for a serious talk about the matter and explained everything he can remember from that day. Filmed back in 2011, Cyrus definitely looks younger in the video, but its sentiment and importance haven’t aged a day.

He starts off the video by saying he actually found himself on a Toronto set filming his first TV series in the year 2000. In an eerie coincidence, his character’s story actually involved a move from Montana to New York. The gist of it was that a doctor brought some of his country roots to the big city and wanted to be part of a humanitarian mission bigger than himself. It explored themes of hope, faith, and love in his own words.

After initially wrapping up the first season, Billy Ray Cyrus found himself back on the road for a bit of touring that summer. During this time, show writers put together an episode based on a 1989 Cyrus song, “Some Gave All.” Now, this song of his was special because it centered around a Vietnam veteran. The song almost didn’t see the light of day, actually, after being denied by countless executives. Cyrus, however, fought for it tooth and nail because he felt it was part of a “bigger purpose.” The connections and coincidences that followed are too great to detail. Actually, Cyrus doesn’t believe in coincidences at all.

You’ll have to watch the video in full to really understand what he means: