Billy Ray Cyrus Sends Touching Message to Daughter Noah Before First Grammy Nomination

by Will Shepard

Billy Ray Cyrus has six children, and one is getting ready for the Grammy Awards this year. No, it isn’t Miley Cyrus, rather it’s her sister, Noah. She is nominated for the same award that her dad was nominated for in 1993 – Best New Artist.

Consequently, Billy Ray Cyrus has some advice for his 21-year old daughter. In a recent podcast interview that People was able to share, he talks about finding out she was nominated for the award.

“You were a horse rider, you rode horses and that was your thing. And then all of a sudden you started making music. And I go, ‘She’s serious about it!’ [So] you started dedicating yourself to writing the best songs you could write and being the best musician you could be.”

It is safe to say that Billy Ray Cyrus is ecstatic about his daughter’s success. He also has some important advice for her. In his own music, he has found success because of his originality and putting himself out there. He and Miley both have created a brand for themselves without being ashamed of it.

“You got to tune out the naysayers. You got to tune it out. Every thought is like a seed,” he said. “And you just got to plant those positive seeds. It’s the thoughts that I plant in my mind that will be the seeds to the fruit that will manifest in my garden. And remember, music changes everything.”

Billy Ray Cyrus Giving Excellent Advice to His Daughter, Noah

Noah Cyrus was also on the podcast with Billy Ray Cyrus and had an awesome response to his thoughts. She says that it’s amazing to have such a powerful support system. She also talks about how music makes her feel.

“I think that’s some really good advice because there’s a lot of people that feel like it’s not okay to be themselves or they think they have to be one thing because the internet shows that one thing is the right way. But whenever I just play piano, it makes my hands feel happy. It makes my body feel happy, makes my soul feel happy. And I’m sure you feel the same way when you’re just playing your guitar. It makes you feel good and safe, and it brings you life when you do something that you love.”

Billy Ray Cyrus also talks about how much time it took to become successful. He says that his success was not just an overnight sensation, rather, it took a ton of trial and error.

“Remember, failure is the most important ingredient for success. Every time you fail, you eliminate one way that won’t work, therefore, being one way closer to the one way that will. That’s how you achieve your dreams.”

Even though she is a relatively new name in music, Noah’s last name helps her a lot. She was able to make a song with John Mayer called “July.” This is an invaluable ability that not many other songwriters have right out of the gate. So, she mentioned how grateful she was to have his help on her EP.

Towards the end of the podcast, Billy Ray Cyrus gave his daughter one last piece of songwriting advice. He tells her to sing from her heart.

“Just sing what’s in your heart. If it’s sad, make it sad. If it’s happy, make it happy. Whatever. But sing your truth. And I’ll leave you with this: this ain’t the end of everything for you. This is the beginning.”

So, best of luck to Noah Cyrus at the Grammy Awards. Hopefully, she can take home the hardware for Best New Artist.