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Billy Strings Discusses Video for Grammy-Nominated ‘Love and Regret’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Billy Strings grabbed his first Grammy Award in March of last year. His record Home brought him a trophy for Best Bluegrass Album. This year, he’s up for two more. His latest release, Renewal is up for Bluegrass Album of the Year. Additionally, the track “Love and Regret” is up for Best American Roots Performance.

Earlier today, Billy Strings released a video for the Grammy-nominated tune. It’s a cinematic clip that couples perfectly with his lyrical storytelling. Thursday, Strings talked to CMT about the video and the song.

“Love and Regret,” Billy Strings said, “Is about a man who has messed things up with his lover. So, while he’s not thinking straight he runs off to be alone in the woods and dwells on the past. It’s kind of a literal song, so I think the video just follows that vibe.”

In the video, we see a couple meet, fall in love, and fall apart. Then, the man sees his ex hanging out at a bar with Billy Strings and his pals. While they’re distracted, he steals Billy’s ’66 Chevelle and drives it down to the river.

Billy Strings Added Personal Touches to ‘Love and Regret’

The car in the video actually belongs to Billy Strings. Those who follow his Instagram have seen him post about it before. In fact, he spent a good portion of 2020 under the hood of the car he affectionately calls Bluebell. “I love that car,” he told CMT, “I’m glad she made a little cameo.”

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that everyone in the bar scene seems to be having a good time. They were. Stings said that after they finished shooting at that location, everyone just kept hanging out.

Overall, Billy Strings said, “I felt like we did a pretty good job of creating a visual representation of the song.” He also thanked the actors, director, and everyone else who helped to bring the video to life. “I appreciate everything everyone does to help spread the word about our music.”

Down by the River…

Billy Strings revealed a little something about himself in the song. Rivers hold a special place in his heart. Sure, he’s an avid angler, but it goes deeper than that. For him, it’s a place of solace. Strings touched on this in the song “Meet Me at the Creek” as well. In his interview with CMT, Strings talked a little about his connection to the river.

“When I was younger and things were bad, I used to go sit by the river and just listen to the sound of it,” he told CMT. He added that he would spend that time, “…wishing I was one of them floating leaves being taken far away.”