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Billy Strings Gifts Hundreds of Guitars To Students at His Old Elementary School

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Billy Strings has proven himself to be a few things besides a talented musician and songwriter over the past few years. First, he became an unofficial ambassador for bluegrass. The viral video of him playing “Dust in a Baggie” on a couch caught the eyes and ears of millions. Through Billy, many younger listeners heard the music of bluegrass pioneers like Doc Watson. Then, he took home a Grammy Award for the album Home. Between “Dust” and the Grammy win, Strings has gained an army of loyal fans and has played all over the country. Every time he steps on the stage or picks up a guitar, he proves that he’s one of the best pickers on this side of the grave.

Earlier today, Billy Strings proved that he’s a good guy who never forgot his roots. He went back to his hometown of Muir, Michigan to give back to his community. Billy gave every student in his old elementary school a guitar. Watch him address the crowd of kiddos in this video posted by a local reporter.

Billy Strings started playing guitar at the age of six. All those years ago, he learned at his dad’s knee. Today, the instrument has opened countless doors for the bluegrass-loving Michigan native. So, it’s not hard to see why he’s giving back to his hometown in this very specific way.

Billy Strings Gifts Guitars to Kids in His Hometown

Standing outside in front of a group of excited students, Billy Strings speaks through a megaphone. “The guitar was always a good friend of mine all throughout my whole life,” he explains. Then, Strings adds, “It’s led me to a lot of good places. It’s always been a good friend, even when times were really sad, the guitar was a good friend for me.”

There is definitely something to be said about the therapeutic properties of playing an instrument at any skill level. Additionally, kids who really get into the instrument will have something to keep them focused and out of trouble later in life.

Billy Strings wanted the kids to have that same supportive and therapeutic friend in their lives. So, he told them, “What I wanted to do was give each and every one of you a guitar, so you can take it home with you and just enjoy it as your own. So, that’s what we’re doing today. You guys are all getting a guitar.”

The students’ reaction to this announcement will warm your heart. They’re all incredibly excited at the prospect of starting their own guitar journey. Maybe one of these days we’ll see one of these students opening for Billy Strings on the road. Stranger things have happened.