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Billy Strings Gives Some Insight Into His Songwriting Process: ‘I’m So Embarrassed’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Americana Music Association)

Billy Strings may seem so perfectly at home on stage performing some of today’s best bluegrass and folk sounds to a new generation of the genre’s fans. As Strings belts out the tunes, we feel the words he sings deep in our bones. With a voice reminiscent of some of country music’s most iconic legends, Billy String’s gravely sound moves his fans as if songwriting – and performing – have always been his calling.

This is why it may seem a tad surprising to hear that when Strings is first developing his original music – he doesn’t like anyone around. In fact, Billy Strings is likely to only start the songwriting process when he is completely and totally alone.

Billy Strings Needs To Be “Alone, Alone, Alone” To Find Inspiration In the Songwriting Process

Billy Strings is no doubt at complete ease when he is behind the microphone – and his banjo – while performing on stage for his many, many fans. However, it seems that it is a process for the singer and songwriter to get to this point of ease when creating one of his blue-grass hits. And, the singer says, the process starts in private; as he builds a new song piece by piece.

“I really need to be alone, alone, alone to write,” Billy Strings explains during a discussion on NPR’s World Cafe. This, the In the Morning Light singer says, is because he feels a sort of embarrassment in the early stages of songwriting.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Strings explains of his early moments developing a new song.

“I’m so embarrassed that someone is going to hear me,” the singer adds. “Or hear something that I’m working on.”

It’s Just A Part of the Process – Billy Strings Doesn’t Even Want His Longtime Partner To Hear What He’s Working On

When asked why he feels embarrassed when others hear Strings as he develops one of his original songs, the singer says he’s not sure. He just doesn’t want anyone to hear. So, sometimes writing new songs can be quite the task…especially as Billy Strings continues to hit the big-time and moments alone are becoming harder and harder to find.

“I’m never alone!” the singer quips in the discussion with World Cafe.

“It’s just embarrassing,” the singer explains, adding that even when his longtime partner, Ally is around, he has trouble beginning the song-writing process. Alone is always the best way to start, Strings says.

“Even in front of Ally,” Billy Strings explains.

“She’s my partner,” the singer adds. “And I just, the only time I will write is if I’m totally alone.”