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Billy Strings Headlining Back-to-Back Concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

If you live out west or have the means to get out west, start planning. Billy Strings is headlining back-to-back nights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Billy Strings at Red Rocks?! For real?! Yes, for real! The Dust in a Baggie singer and plucker is coming to one of the most legendary venues in all of music. This venue just lends itself to artists like Strings. His sound, style, and aesthetic was all made for the stage and atmosphere of the amphitheater.

Over on his Instagram page, the singer-songwriter put out the notice. Morrison, Colorado, get ready because Billy Strings is coming. This is going to be a Thursday/Friday back-to-back and should be worth whatever kind of trip you have to take to get there. So, mark those calendars and check out the Instagram post below to see the details for yourself.

“RED ROCKS. We’re coming for you May 12-13 for our first ever headlining performances. Comment on this post with keyword “REDROCKS” to sign up for presale access now!” The post caption says.

The art for this poster looks insane. It’s the trippy and retro look you would expect from Billy Strings. This isn’t just any regular poster either, honestly, it looks like an NFT or something. The image moves and shakes and is seemingly alive while we hear some banjo picking in the background. Just an awesome piece of art. Hopefully, there is going to be a great opener to tag along.

Of course, Billy Strings put out some new music this past year. He will surely be playing those tunes along with older tracks that fans love. Perhaps by the time May rolls around, he will have even more new music to share with fans.

Billy Strings Corrects Hater

Folks don’t normally think of Billy Strings as an artist that worries about social media too much. He hasn’t been very vocal in the past online. However, there are times when he has to speak out and let folks know what is what. The latest happened when a hater on Facebook said that his work with banjo legend Béla Fleck lacked “intellect or spirit.”

“You must be one hell of an intellectual [muscisian],” the artist replied. “Your musical taste must be so complex, not even Coltrane gets you off. Maybe next time you can come help [Béla] write the setlist[…] I’m [sure he] could use your help.” Fleck is, of course, one of the most transformational banjo players to ever pick at the strings. At least in modern times.

Look y’all. Let’s just agree to enjoy the music and leave the negativity out of it, okay? No one wants to get put on blast by a famous Bluegrass/Country music singer. But, if you don’t come with the proper respect, then you will be corrected. Anyway, have you signed up for the presale at Red Rocks? Why not? Go!