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Billy Strings More Than Lives Up to His Name, Shredding on a Banjo

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Americana Music Association)

If it has strings, then Billy can play it. Billy Strings was on Instagram showing off his banjo skills, plucking and strumming away. He’s played with some of the most skilled players in the world, like Bela Fleck, and continues to work on his own craft. Fans are always delighted to see these little clips from at home or a random jam session.

This is a busy time for the 29-year-old artist. He has some shows scattered here and there for the early Spring. Of course, he announced a pair of shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater which will be awesome shows. Then, he announced the dates for his summer tour for this year. So, keep your eyes out for a date close to you.

Check out the video below and listen for yourself. There are few things better than a well-turned banjo in the hands of an artist like Billy Strings.

Listening to the tune a few times over, it gets a little spooky. He posted the video on St. Patrick’s Day and the jauntiness of the song makes you think of some fantastical tale back in Ireland. You can almost picture a chase happening or an intense horse ride through the fog of the early morning.

When the instrument needs no vocals to make it sing, that’s when you know you have a great little song on your hands. Whether that was an original piece or an update on a classic, I loved every second of it.

Fans of Billy Strings and his banjo playing know that he isn’t limited to a single genre on the instrument. He has been performing some sweet covers for years and more recently at his latest shows.

Billy Strings Banjo Knows No Bounds From Covers to National TV

Billy Strings will play a cover of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and maybe another ball out of left field if he feels like it. He is all about playing his influences and putting on a good show. So, if you catch him on stage you are going to be delighted with a cover or two at least. However, Billy and his banjo have no limits, so he went on The Late Show and gave bluegrass to the world.

Now, Billy Strings isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Then again, not everyone knows good music. He and his band took to the stage on Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk show and absolutely rocked it. Each and every one of them put it all out there with their performance of Know It All. The only thing better than listening to Billy is seeing it live.

His performances at small venues and on national TV aren’t much different. He and his band bring it every night they perform and showed the country or about 2 million viewers that, what bluegrass is all about.