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Billy Strings Roasts a Hater’s Take in the Comments of Recent Post

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Douglas Mason/Getty Images)

Sometimes, fans think that they know better than the experts. Billy Strings had to correct a fan for dissing a Bluegrass legend.

In 2021, Bluegrass legend Béla Fleck released an album in the aforementioned genre for the first time in 20 years. Fleck, of course, is a banjo master. He has spent his career perfecting the instrument and the art of playing it. And, is a literal musical genius.

Without the work from Fleck on the banjo, it would not be the popular instrument that it is today. From a regional instrument used in regional music to being transformed into a universal tool. From rock to classical music and even to jazz and international genres as well. That was because of Fleck.

On Fleck’s new album, My Bluegrass Heart, he has a song that features Billy Strings and Chris Thile. Charm School is an 8-minute story of a song that moves and flows throughout. It has eerie squeals and sounds from various instruments and is a fun piece altogether.

Apparently, one fan thought they knew better than Fleck and Billy and Thile. So, the singer-songwriter had to correct them.

The tweet is a screenshot from Facebook. Of course, the offending person’s name has been blurred out to protect their identity. Besides, Billy Strings did all that needed to be done.

After saying the music, “is not stimulating to the ear, intellect or spirit,” it got serious.

“You must be one hell of an intellectual Musician,” Billy said. “Your musical taste must be so complex not even Coltrane gets you off. Maybe next time you can come help Bela write the setlist.. I’m sure he could use your help. P.s. there’s 4 chords… and the bars are on Broadway.”

Billy Strings Talks Grammy-Nominated Song

When Billy Strings isn’t correcting the musically ignorant masses, he’s busy writing Grammy-worthy material. His song Love And Regret from the new album Renewal had a video come out and Strings talked about the visual component to the song’s overall meaning.

“Love and Regret,” Strings said. “Is about a man who has messed things up with his lover. So, while he’s not thinking straight he runs off to be alone in the woods and dwells on the past. It’s kind of a literal song, so I think the video just follows that vibe.”

As expected, Billy Strings brings emotions and storytelling power to this song. He has a way of making listeners fall in love with his songs in special ways. So, of course, the song is getting a Grammy nomination. “I appreciate everything everyone does to help spread the word about our music,” he said about the video and his fans.