Bizarre Kid Rock Death Hoax Circulates Online

by Megan Molseed
(Photo via Getty Images / Michael Hickey / Contributor)

The internet and social media websites can be massively helpful sources of information. However, that isn’t always the case. We saw that most recently as one rumor went viral on Facebook earlier last week on Monday, November 14, noting that famed performer Kid Rock had passed away.

A Facebook page emerged with the title “R.I.P. Kid Rock.” This page soon acquired nearly one million likes within hours fueling rumors that the famed performer has passed away. Hundreds and hundreds of fans took to the page nearly immediately, mourning the rocker. A frenzy of devastated fans posted comments to the Facebook page expressing their grief and shock over the apparent loss.

But just as fast as this news hit mainstream social media Monday morning, the news was proved to be an elaborate hoax. Kid Rock’s reps commented on Tuesday, November 15 that the rocker is, in fact, alive and well.

Kid Rock’s Name Is Just One On A Long List Of Celebrities Whose Names Have Been Connected To Death Hoaxes

This wild story is one among many in recent months as multiple hoaxes similar to the Kid Rock death hoax have gained viral popularity online. And, Kid Rock’s reps mentioned this in the November 15 statement urging fans to stop believing internet rumors.

The singer’s most devoted fans also spoke out against the false stories noting the hoax is not only careless but upsetting and insulting. Other fans, however, mention that this just means the Cowboy singer continues to enjoy world-renowned success.

The We The People Singer Is Known For His Unique Sound That Brings A Mix Of Hip Hop, Rock, And Country To Fans

Kid Rock is a well-known American musician. The performer is known for his unique sounds. Mixing rock, hip-hop, and country into a fusion that fans have connected to for decades.

The singer’s 1997 album, Devil Without a Cause catapulted the singer to stardom. Fans still play one of his biggest hits from the era, Bawitaba. This hit remains a favorite anthem in music, even decades after its release. The singer’s Devil Without a Cause album sold more than 13 million copies worldwide sending Kid Rock to platinum status.

Since then, the performer has released multiple other studio albums. All seven encapsulating his unique style. Some songs remain heavy on rock-n-roll, while others focus on Kid Rock’s unique hip-hop style or his country sounds.

During his career, Kid Rock has sold over 27 million albums worldwide along with five Grammy nominations. The performer has also put his famous mug out there in some popular movies and TV shows including appearances in the David Spade comedy Joe Dirt. Kid Rock also appears on an episode of CSI: New York.