Black Crowes Stage Invader Gets Slammed in the Neck With a Guitar: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

A stage invader is learning a thing or two about concert etiquette after they were slammed in the neck with a guitar during a Black Crowes performance on Sunday (November 20th). 

According to TMZ, the incident happened while the Black Crowes were on stage in Melbourne, Australia. While performing Stare It Cold, a fan got on stage with the band. Although security guards chased them to a corner of the stage, the fan fought the guards. Not having any of the shenanigans, lead guitarist Rich Robinson, stopped playing and used his guitar to hit the fan in the neck. This sent the fan flying off the stage and the show stopped. The fan was eventually removed from the venue and the show resumed, with the band continuing to perform Stare It Cold.

Following the performance, the Black Crowes took to their social media accounts to share some pictures of their recent shows in Japan and Australia. None of the posts included any details about the stage intruder in Australia. “We came, we saw, we rocked! Thanks to all of our friends and fans in Japan and Australia. We had a blast. See ya soon ;)”

Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson Recently Opened Up About Being on Tour Again 

While speaking to Las Vegas Magazine earlier this year, Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson discussed finally returning to live performances following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“A global killer virus will dampen any weekend, to say the least,” the singer stated. So of course, it was a lot. “By the time Rich and I were on the same page to do it and we put a great band together. And then to put it on the back burner (because of the pandemic), that was frustrating. But it’s not like only our band had to deal with it; it’s been so tough for millions of people.”

Robinson then spoke about he and his bandmates getting to be with fans again. “To finally get out there and do exactly what we wanted to do,” he shared. “All the loud guitars in this era where there’s a lack of rock ’n’ roll—to do something that’s really alive and kind of woolly and wild, it’s amazing.”

The Black Crowes singer also spoke about revisiting music material from 30 years ago. “We are a band that has spent a lot of time experimenting and being expansive in what we wanted our presentation to be,” he explained. “To put our passion and energy into focusing on playing Shake Your Money Maker every night, it just feels like we got better every night. And what a different mindset, not just to celebrate that record, but to have this new entrance into what we’ve been through. It’s a celebration of all the things Rich and I have done.”