Blackberry Smoke Forced To Cancel Remaining Tour Dates in Canada

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Bad news for folks hoping to see Blackberry Smoke on tour in Canada, they are going to have to wait for another time to come around. The band has had to cancel the rest of their shows in Canada. Charlie Starr is having to rest his voice, doctor’s orders. While Blackberry Smoke tried to make it happen, it just wasn’t a good idea to keep playing music.

The band is always open when things like this happen and wanted to connect with their fans to make sure everyone knows what’s up. They posted a message on their Twitter.

“We are disheartened to let you know that we have to postpone THE REST of our shows in Canada,” the message says. “After consulting a doctor Charlie’s voice is completely gone. We thought we could finish this run but have been advised that he should rest. We will have new dates to announce very soon. The shows in Canada have been amazing so far and we hate to reschedule these again but we promise we will be back ASAP to Toronto, London (ON), Ottawa, and Kitchener. All tickets will still be honored. We have all waited too long and come hell or high water will get back here. Thank you for all your support, patience, and understanding.”

The band had to postpone their Spirit of the South Tour in August of 2021 due to health concerns. Back then, it was a COVID-19 issue. Now, it is an issue with Charlie’s voice. When vocal cords get damaged, or a singer loses their voice, it can be a hard recovery.

The good thing for Blackberry Smoke is that they have some of the best fans out there and they’ll be waiting for the next tour.

Fans React to Blackberry Smoke Tour Cancelation

In the replies to the tweet, Blackberry Smoke fans were disappointed about the tour news, but they understand. These fans are just worried about one of their favorite singers. When the band finds the time to come back up to Canada, those fans will be waiting eagerly once again.

“That’s a hard blow to my weekend plans but will look forward to your return,” one fan tweeted. “All the best! (Please add a stop in Montreal when you do come back).”

“Oh no!!!!” another fan replied. “We saw you when you came to Ottawa just before the pandemic. [We’re] so looking forward to seeing you again to kick off the spring/summer on a positive note. Get well and See you soon.”

Those Canadians sure are nice, aren’t they? Blackberry Smoke is bringing their tour back down to the United States. For my fellow fans here in Kentucky, it will be fingers crossed by the time the April 14th show in Louisville takes place. And that April 15th date in Pelham, TN might be sweating too. Rest up, Charlie! Get well soon!