Blake Shelton Celebrates Reaching Major Milestone: ‘That’s Unreal!’

by Samantha Whidden

Country superstar Blake Shelton announced on Twitter he has reached his latest major music career milestone. Shelton reports that he has surpassed one billion plays in the U.S. on Apple Music.

“1 BILLION U.S. plays on @AppleMusic ?!??!! That’s unreal!!! Thanks for listening y’all! Here’s to another billion!!”Blake Shelton states in the tweet. 

The latest music career milestone comes just a little over a month after Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani tied the knot at the country star’s Oklahoma ranch. The couple reportedly hosted 40 friends and family at the event. Their friend Carson Daly officiated the ceremony. “It was incredible to be part of such an important moment in their lives,” Daly stated in a recent interview. He described the wedding ceremony as perfectly unique for both Blake and Gwen.

“The whole weekend and the marriage itself. It was as elegant and refined and cool as Gwen is. And it was as country and down-home and fun as Blake is,” Carson further explains.

Besides Daly, Jimmy Fallon was the only other celebrity that attended Blake and Gwen’s special event. 

Blake Shelton Talks New Album ‘Body Language’ & Working Alongside His Now Wife Gwen 

During his latest interview with USA Today, Blake Shelton opened up about his new album Body Language, which made its debut in May 2021. “I just want to record the best songs I can. When Gwen makes an album, there’s always an underlying message in there. I’m not like that.”

Blake Shelton further comments that he wants to be like Conway Twitty and have a long list of songs that people just remember. He also says that he was “giddy” while working with Gwen on the album. “She was in the vocal booth and me and Scott had our phones out filming her. It’s just odd and weird to have her on a country record.”

The country star also looks back on his single Bible Verse, which is considered one of the strongest singles of his career. He also thinks that the single could make a significant impact. “Those lyrics are just like, ‘Holy Moly, that’s honest,” Blake Shelton states. He explains that he felt a little bit of guilt listening to the single and he thinks that’s a lot of what the song is about. “It was like, ‘Am I being the person that God expects me to be? At the end of the day, no, never. I know I gotta be better than this.”

In regards to future career plans, Blake Shelton adds, “One of Gwen’s boys last night asked me, ‘Have you ever won an Oscar?’ I go, ‘No buddy. People that win those are like in movies and stuff.’ And he goes, ‘Well, then just being a movie.”