Blake Shelton Continues Celebrating New Tractor: ‘Alfalfa I Say!’

by Quentin Blount

Country music star and The Voice coach Blake Shelton took to social media yet again on Monday to show off another picture of his new tractor.

Shelton has been super excited about his new Kubota tractor. So much so, the country superstar has posted about it online multiple times over the last week. And on Monday, he shared a photo on Twitter of his new piece of equipment hard at work.

“Alfalfa people!!!! Alfalfa I say!!!!” Shelton wrote alongside the photo.

In the photo, Shelton appears to be seeding some alfalfa into a food plot on his property. We know that Blake Shelton is a big-time hunter, so it only makes sense that he would have a few alfalfa plots here and there. Alfalfa can help increase antler size, body weight, and the overall health of a deer herd and wildlife population.

Blake Shelton Finally Upgraded His Old Kubota

In one of his recent Twitter posts, the country star explained why he held on to his old Kubota tractor for so long before deciding to upgrade.

“My dad sold Kubota tractors right up until he passed away,” Shelton said. “He sold me this one in 2006. It’s been a good one. Buuuuttttt……..”

Despite having an attachment to the tractor his dad sold him, it was time for an upgrade. Shelton posted a snap of his new ride a couple of days ago online.

“Today, 15 years later I finally upgraded! It’s springtime yall! Time to get to farmin’!!!!!!”

The Story Behind Shelton’s ‘God Country’

Speaking of planting alfalfa, that’s exactly what Blake Shelton was getting ready to do at his Oklahoma ranch when he first heard “God’s Country.” Shelton’s producer, Scott Hendricks, sent him the song along with several others. Shelton stopped in his tracks the moment he heard the song. He said didn’t care about the other tracks that were sent his way, he just had to start recording “God’s Country” right away.

“I was shocked,” he told ABC News at the time. “I had to stop and just listen to this song because the song was talking to me about a place that I was in at that moment. That was a place in the middle of nowhere that meant something to me that probably nobody else could ever understand. What that is and what it is inside of me and what my connection is to the land.”

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