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Blake Shelton’s Cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Did Not Go Well

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Blake Shelton was featured on Jimmy Fallon’s new game show. The country music singer just couldn’t quite pull off Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

Look, we all know the song. It was a massive hit and played everywhere from 2014-2016. Swift showed she could put out a big pop hit and steer away from country music if she liked. However, based on Shelton’s performance on That’s My Jam, I’m not so sure he could do the same. He got in a booth with Ariana Grande, and tried to sing and remember the lyrics. It didn’t go well.

It really didn’t help that he went up against his fellow coaches on The Voice. I don’t think anyone is spinning their chair around for Blake Shelton’s performance. Thankfully for all of us, the clip has gone somewhat viral. Watch the country star squirm in the recording booth and see if he can shake off his rough start. Check out the video below.

The consequences for the game are simple. When the blank spaces come up and they can’t remember the lyrics, they get sprayed with hoses. Those hoses are attached to the microphones, and there’s no way to avoid the inevitable. Ariana tried leaving the booth, but it didn’t work.

Despite the issues Blake Shelton had, it looked like he got his revenge in the end. While Fallon and the others laughed, the country singer decided to get even. After asking the host if he had ever been at the receiving end of his own tricks, Shelton put him in the booth and locked the door.

Although it looked random, it appears Fallon was ready with some goggles. Finally, Shelton turned to the camera and signed off on the show. He completely hijacked Jimmy’s show!

Blake Shelton Keeps All Three Artists Into Top 8 on ‘The Voice’

Things on NBC’s The Voice are getting serious. We have a Top 8 and country music singer Blake Shelton still has three acts on his team. That is the most out of all the coaches at this stage in the competition. Over the years, Shelton has mentored a lot of singers and artists on the show. Of course, he is known for his country music prowess, but he has more than that this season.

Right now, he does have a country music act. Lana Scott is the only country singer left in the competition. She has brought the style, sound, and power that she needs to be successful. Since she has performed so well time and time again, fans think she could be a favorite. There’s also Paris Winningham on his team.

However, Blake Shelton’s favorite artist, admittedly, is Wendy Moten. Her soulful voice and performances have left fans and coaches in awe all season. She very well may be the favorite to be the last one standing.