Blake Shelton Delivers Loving Tribute to Gwen Stefani

by Hannah Heser

One of America’s sweetest couples, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are enjoying life together. And we have the details to prove it. Blake Shelton recently delivered a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Stefani.

On Friday (Feb 11), the couple collaborated at the Super Bowl Music Fest. Before that performance, Shelton posted one of the sweetest messages about sharing the stage with his amazing wife on Instagram. After the two of them got married, they hit the road on their Honeymoon tour. And fans are still not over the love he gives his wife each and every day. Let’s take a look at the country singer’s post below.

Blake Shelton Shows Appreciation to His Wife on Social Media

Last week, Blake Shelton shared an adorable video of Stefani joining him up on stage at one of his shows. From what you can see, the duo is performing their “Nobody But You” duet. Fans are also singing along and cheering them on throughout the performance.

At the end of the video, Shelton holds “The Sweet Escape” singer’s hand while giving her a kiss on the cheek. And you can probably guess the audience went crazy over this moment.

In the caption of the post, Shelton wrote, “Shefani. #CoupleGoals @gwenstefani -Team BS.”

Look no further because fans are flooding the comments with nothing but love for the couple. Here’s a few of the popular comments from their fans.

“These two! I love how they’ve blended and still remained very much their individual selves!” one user wrote on Shelton’s post.

“I love love love Gwen and Blake the way the only have eyes for each other..God bless you both and your family.. forever love.” another fan added.

“OMG my heart feels so happy to see this kind of love,” someone else said.

Hopefully, we see more collaborations from this power couple in the future.

The Country Singer and His Wife Wrote Their Own Wedding Vows

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani decided to write their own wedding vows for the big day.

The country singer wrote a love song for Stefani in place of the vows, according to Good House Keeping. Over time, the song received a lot recognition, which encouraged him to release it. Today, “We Can Reach the Stars” is on his 12th studio album, Body Language Deluxe. Fans can jam out and fall in love to this song on all streaming platforms.

In an interview with People, the country star explained why they wanted to write their own wedding vows.

Gwen and I decided we were going to write our own vows for the wedding, but I decided to surprise her by writing a song instead,” Shelton said. “I reached out to my buddy Craig Wiseman, who is a world-class songwriter, to help me write and structure something that would stand the test of time.”