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Blake Shelton Details Reaction to Arizona Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary Catch

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Blake Shelton has to apologize to his poor hairdresser. The country star was in the middle of getting ready for the People’s Choice Awards when he saw DeAndre Hopkins’ crazy hail mary catch. The play sent Shelton into a frenzy of excitement.

Shelton described his Sunday night recently with NFL Network. The country singer is a huge fan of the Arizona Cardinals and was rooting for them in the game. When the Buffalo Bills scored with 30 seconds left, Shelton was sure the game was over. The Bills were up 30-26.

“I had to get like wardrobe and they had to come fix my hair,” Shelton said. He sat getting his hair ready for the event. “It was literally the last two minutes of the game. And so I was excited when I got there. And they were working on my hair. Then Alan threw the touchdown with 30 seconds left. I almost knocked the poor girl over. I was so mad, I got up and was throwing crap around the room. So mad.”

Blake Shelton Went Wild After the Play

But the Cardinals rallied in an attempt to win the game. With mere seconds left, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray threw a hail mary pass to Hopkins. The wide-receiver managed to catch the ball between three Bills defenders to win the game.

“Then all of a sudden it happened. Then I almost killed the girl again,” Shelton said of the play. “With 10 seconds left, the hail mary happened. I literally lost my mind. I don’t know how much I was drinking by that point in the game. But I literally, there were so many F-bombs, throwing crap, scaring people.”

In the aftermath of the game, Shelton had a descriptive, yet profanity-laced, way to describe how the moment made him feel. He wrote, “I died, came back to life, s— my pants and hyperextended my scrotum all in 30 seconds!!”

He said the play still makes his blood race when he watches it.