Blake Shelton Has Dinner Plans Ruined By a ‘New Buddy’: ‘Guess I’m Making a Frozen Pizza’

by Quentin Blount

Country music icon Blake Shelton had plans to enjoy a nice smoked meal on a beautiful Monday night. However, those plans got flipped upside down when a wild opossum showed up and smelled food that was apparently free for the taking.

The country star caught the four-legged thief red-handed — quite literally. Shelton walked up on the wild opossum opening up his smoked dinner and treating itself to a feast.

“Am I interrupting you?” Shelton hilariously asks the possum. “I just thought I would come out here and get the food that I smoked all night. But I’ll wait ’til you are done. That’s cool.”

Shelton posted the video to his official Twitter account late on Monday night. “Guess I’m making a frozen pizza…” he captions his latest post.

But at least it is not all bad news. Blake Shelton has evidently made friends with the naughty little critter. In fact, Shelton followed up his original tweet with another video of him befriending and petting the little guy.

“But at least I made a new buddy!” Shelton writes alongside the second video. “Also I don’t recommend petting wild animals… It just so happens that I have the vodka reflexes of a rattlesnake!!!!”

Fans of Blake Shelton most definitely found the exchange to be rather funny. One follower on Twitter replied saying, “He’s your friend. Guess you gotta share! LOL!”

“Was that your paddlefish? Bummer… And also, STEP AWAY FROM THAT POSSUM 😳”

Blake Shelton Shows Off Huge Paddlefish in Recent Post

Everyone knows that Blake Shelton is on pace to be a country music legend. But not everyone may know that he is also an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. In fact, just earlier today he posted a snap of him in his new tractor planting an alfalfa food plot on his property.

And just a couple of days ago, the award-winning star showed off a massive catch he had while out on the lake.

“I’ll bet some of y’all have never heard of a paddlefish,” Shelton wrote on Twitter. “We got them here in my home state! Y’all come to Oklahoma where the outdoors are always open!”

We aren’t sure whether or not Shelton released the fish in the photo or if that was the dinner that was infamously stolen by his “new buddy.”