Blake Shelton Hilariously Details First Meeting with Gwen Stefani

by Keeli Parkey

When Blake Shelton first met Gwen Stefani, he was in awe. And, who can really blame him? She is a music superstar and cultural icon.

Shelton and Stefani are now engaged. According to an article on, the duo first met in 2014 when she joined the popular television show “The Voice” as a coach. Shelton recounted one of the first times he saw Stefani in person with the publication.

“She surprised everybody with a performance of ‘Hollaback Girl,’ and then they announced that she was going to be a coach,” Shelton said. “I remember enjoying her performance, and then after the show, we all took a group picture. It was very much an industry-type meeting, and I told people, ‘I met Gwen Stefani. That’s crazy.'”

According to the article, both Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were married to their previous spouses when they initially met. She was married to rock singer Gavin Rossdale. He was married to country singer Miranda Lambert. And, according to Shelton, he and Stefani kept their distance during their first season working together on “The Voice.”

“She had just had a baby (Apollo, with Rossdale), so there wasn’t even much of a friendship that first season,” Shelton told “People.” “The thing I remember saying about her when people would ask was, ‘Oh my God, that girl is unbelievable. She drives a minivan to work!” I thought rock stars drove Rolls-Royces, and Gwen was driving a black minivan.”

The relationship between Stefani and Shelton reportedly became romantic during 2015. Both of the superstars are now divorced from their previous spouses. According to “People,” Shelton and Stefani got engaged during October 2020. He reportedly proposed to her while there were at his ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Blake Shelton Says He Didn’t Think ‘The Voice’ Would Last

In addition to talking to “People” magazine about his relationship with Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton also talked about the show they were working on when they met. According to the article, the country music star didn’t believe “The Voice” television show would last very long when it started working as a coach during its first season.

“To be honest, I didn’t think the show was gonna last,” Shelton reportedly told “People.” “In fact one of the first conversations I ever had with Adam was, ‘Man, how stupid is this?'”

Shelton first worked as a coach on the inaugural season of the wildly popular singing competition. His fellow coaches that season were Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, and Christina Aquilera. The singer’s comments will appear in the upcoming issue of the popular magazine.

Fast forward a decade. “The Voice” is still a very successful show. According to the article, it has helped make Blake Shelton very famous. Plus, on a personal level, it has given the singer relationships that reportedly mean a lot to him. Of course, one of those relationships is the one he has with his fiancee Gwen Stefani.

Shelton Said ‘Nobody’s More Shocked’ Than He is about His Engagement to Gwen Stefani

Getting engaged to Gwen Stefani came as a surprise to Blake Shelton – and to others. During a recent virtual appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the country music singer talked about his upcoming marriage to the superstar. But first, Colbert cracked a joke about the engaged couple.

“I’ll tell you something that surprises a lot of people … you’re engaged to Gwen Stefani!” Colbert said. “What the? I mean, you seem like a nice guy; you’re talented and everything, but she’s Gwen Stefani! What the h*** is going on, Blake Shelton?”

The joke got a laugh from Shelton, who went on to share his thoughts on how he landed such a terrific future spouse.

“Stephen, listen – nobody is more shocked about this than I am,” Shelton said on the show. “… It makes no sense. …”