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Blake Shelton Hilariously Recalls Dying His Hair During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Jacklyn Krol
John Shearer, Getty Images

Blake Shelton spoke about his hair dye fiasco during the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine.

What Blake Shelton Had to Say

The “God’s Country” singer made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (September 28). The reasoning behind the hair dye was the fact that he realized he had more grey hair than brown.

“I like, turned my head to the side at some point, and it was just — there was no more salt and pepper… it’s just salt,” he explained. “And so I said, ‘Oh my God, like, when did this happen to me?'”

Shelton was shocked that he didn’t notice sooner, being on television so often. “I’m on a show,” he said, referring to NBC’s The Voice. “How do I not see that I look like a game show host all of a sudden?”

Shelton revealed that he tried Just For Men for a while but it wasn’t working correctly. “It wasn’t — it had too much color,” he added. “It was like, blue, or purple or something. So then [girlfriend Gwen Stefani] just said, ‘Let’s just do it right.'”

Without events or filming, Shelton didn’t mind letting Stefani be his hairdresser. “At that time I didn’t care, because nobody was gonna see me,” he continued. “We were quarantined. So that was the time to mess around.”

“I actually really liked it,” he admitted. “I would have really liked it better had I not gained 117 pounds during quarantine.”

Watch the interview, below.

Life During Quarantine

“2020 sucks and I refuse to spend another minute of it sober,” he told DeGeneres while holding up a glass. Shelton is one of the first virtual guests on her talk show. DeGeneres also implemented a virtual audience and some special guest appearances in-studio from six feet away.

Shelton revealed that they were building the production and stage for his tour when they had to cancel it due to COVID-19 concerns. He spent quarantine with Stefani and her children at their home in Oklahoma. Shelton admitted that he enjoyed the downtime and seeing the seasons change for once.