Blake Shelton Hilariously Trolled After Paul Rudd Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

by Courtney Blackann

So, if you haven’t heard, funny guy actor Paul Rudd was named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” which is overdue – because he’s every bit deserving of it. The “Ant Man” actor is charming, goofy – and never seems to age. However, he got some mixed reviews after being named – which also drew comparisons and a bit of roasting to Blake Shelton.

Now, Shelton won the award in 2017. It was also well-deserved. The confident, funny country singer has some serious confidence – and swagger. And that’s plain sexy. Surely, all the roasting has to be in good humor.

Taking to Twitter, fans flooded Shelton with mentions about Rudd’s win.

“Imagine crowning Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive BEFORE Paul Rudd,” one user wrote.

Yet Twitter user another user got in on the fun.

“Maybe Paul Rudd being picked as sexiest man alive will realign the universe bc we genuinely haven’t been ok since Blake Shelton was picked as sexiest man alive,” she says.

Poor Blake Shelton. We’re sure the country singer isn’t too upset by the comments. We mean, he’s busy continually making hits, being a successful judge on “The Voice,” and being married to Gwen Stefani. We think he’s okay.

Blake Shelton on New Song for Wife Gwen Stefani

In addition to once holding the title as “Sexiest Man Alive,” Blake Shelton is also a romantic. He recently released a song he wrote for wife Gwen Stefani on their wedding day as a part of his wedding vows.

In an Instagram post, the actor shared what writing that song meant to him.

“I’m really proud of #WeCanReachTheStars & I’m really honored to be with @gwenstefani. That’s why we got married in the first place. That’s why we wear rings… because we want everyone to know. I’m thrilled to share this song with the world. Listen now,” Shelton captioned the post.

Further, the lyrics to the song are extremely touching. Shelton released the song months after the two tied the knot.

With lyrics like:

“We always said we wish we’d met
Long before we finally did
But ever since that first kiss
Girl, it’s felt like we were kids and
Who are we to question
God and his greater plan?
You and me are a blessin’
And all we gotta do is say amen, amen,” it’s apparent Shelton is head over heels for Stefani.

Additionally, Shelton wanted people to be able to relate to the tune as well. He said the song was deeply personal, but it’s also for everyone who’s in love.

“I’m excited for people to hear it. A lot of people have asked me about it since they found out I did that,” Shelton said, “We’re excited about it. We want people to hear it…my god,” Shelton says. “I married Gwen Stefani! I want everybody to hear that.”