Blake Shelton Hops on Hard Seltzer Wagon With Latest Adult Beverage Release

by Emily Morgan

Buckle up, White Claw. There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s officially Spring, which means soon enough, people will be gearing up for swimming, sun, and, of course, seltzer. Last year, brands like White Claw and Truly dominated the hard seltzer game. This year, Blake Shelton is trying to cash in. 

Recently, “The Voice” coach announced that he’s using his vodka, Smithworks Vodka, to create a new line of hard seltzer lemonades that you’ll hopefully be enjoying all summer long. 

Shelton’s new line of seltzers will come in four flavors. The brand also promises it will kick up any “casual daytime drinking occasion.” 

The first flavor is classic lemon, followed by strawberry. The brand is also incorporating a Southern Peach Tea, something you typically don’t see from other seltzer brands. 

You can treat yourself to a crisp lime flavor, which was inspired by Blake’s favorite combination of lemon and lime. Each seltzer also contains five percent ABV and is brewed with natural lemonade flavors. Furthermore, you can get all that at just 100 calories and one gram of sugar per can. Are you sold yet? 

Blake Shelton Brings ‘Spirit of the Heartland’ in New Seltzer Line

“Made with pride and rooted in values of the Heartland, Smithworks and I want to celebrate with new drinks and old friends,” Shelton said. “Our new Smithworks hard seltzers taste like liquid sunshine. Infused with the flavors of crisp and refreshing lemonade, it’s the perfect way to kick back and cool off this summer.”

“I am excited to officially announce the launch of Smithworks American-brewed Hard Seltzer Lemonade, each flavor inspired by a place that’s home to me, the Heartland,” said Shelton. According to Shelton, the cans of “liquid sunshine” are the perfect antidote to the past year’s difficulties with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are extra excited for the Smithworks Hard Seltzer Lemonade launch, so we can enjoy all the feelings of summer, appreciate the good stuff and get back to some fun,” added Shelton.

Here’s more of a low down on the new flavors: 

  • “Classic Lemon – “Our version of the All-American taste of summer: classic, cool lemonade. Serve chilled for a refreshing, tart, slightly sweet taste for those hot summer months.”
  • Ripe Strawberry – “Like the first bite into summer’s favorite fruit: strawberry. A refreshing, slightly sweet infusion into lemonade with a punch of fresh-tasting strawberry flavor.”
  • Southern Peach Tea – “A nod to our Heartland roots, offering the perfect flavors of refreshing lemonade blended with southern sweet tea and a juicy peach twist.”
  • Crisp Lime – “Inspired by Blake’s favorite combination of lemon and lime. It brings the tart crispness of lime flavor to the crisp sweetness of America’s favorite drink.”

The drinks are currently available in 17 states, with rollout to additional states expected to continue throughout 2021.