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Blake Shelton Wants to Hunt, Fish with Retired NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Blake Shelton congratulated Clint Bowyer on his NASCAR retirement and move to Fox Sports. “Heres to the next chapter!!!” the country star writes.

Shelton also says “Let’s go do some huntin’ and fishin’ now”

Clint Bowyer announced his retirement from NASCAR and his career move to Fox Sports on Thursday. He boasts a successful 15 years of driving, though the gears now shift to sports announcing on Fox.

Blake Shelton spoke about Bowyer’s future in September

In September, Shelton spoke on Clint Bowyer’s future before the driver announced his retirement. On Door Bumper Clear, Shelton discusses the season and what’s next with Brett Griffin. They expected Clint Bowyer would race one more year, yet now we know the former driver is now opening a different chapter in his career.

Blake Shelton makes it clear he thinks no one should end their careers during 2020. “This would not be the year for anybody to bow out,” he said. “I think we just need to have a mulligan and start over.”

Blake and Clint’s Friendship

Though Blake Shelton jokingly calls himself Clint’s biggest fan, the two have been buddies for a while now. Earlier this year, Blake joked with his friend saying he was going to “watch my buddy Clint lose.”

Of course, it’s all in good fun, as Shelton has made it clear in the past that Clint Bowyer has his full support.

In 2019, Blake Shelton took a ride in Clint’s race car, as seen in NASCAR’s Facebook post. Shelton and Bowyer joke around in the car as they take a speedy ride.


The two have been fans and supported each other’s career success. Now, as Blake suggested in his tweet, they may be searching for success together. This time, though, their wins will be on the water or in the woods as they (hopefully) hunt and fish as an all-star duo.