Blake Shelton is Stoked for ‘The Voice’ Winner Jake Hoot After Release of Debut EP

by Charles Craighill

Jake Hoot, the winner of the NBC show “The Voice,” has released his debut EP titled Love Out of Time. This release has the country music world buzzing. He has already received a ton of love from tons of celebrities and other country music artists, but this could just be the beginning.

Among the stars to congratulate Hoot on his breakout release was the current country music star and “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton.

“Hell yeah Jake Hoot! What an incredible debut EP!!!” Shelton said via Twitter. “Congrats buddy!”

Blake Shelton has appeared on “The Voice” as a coach since the show’s inception in 2011. In 7 of the 19 seasons of the show, one of Shelton’s contestants won the show. That list includes Jermaine Paul of Season 2 and most recently Todd Tilghman of Season 18. Jake Hoot, however, is not on the list of Blake Shelton proteges.

Kelly Clarkson Spreads the Jake Hoot Love

In Season 17, the one that Jake Hoot won, it was actually Kelly Clarkson who drafted the country singer to her team. So, it makes a whole lot of sense for her to appear on the EP herself.

Hoot features the coach of “The Voice” on the song “I Would’ve Loved You” in an absolutely breathtaking duet. Hoot’s strong, deep baritone meshes perfectly with Clarkson’s high and bright falsetto. No surprise that “I Would’ve Loved You” is the most popular song on his Spotify page.

Kelly Clarkson took the time to help promote Jake Hoot’s album on Twitter the other day. She also made sure that everyone knew who his coach was on the hit show. The post also featured a brief clip from the song “Love Out of Time,” the title track to the album.

“From #TeamKelly on “The Voice” o putting out your own EP, I’m so proud of you Jake Hoot!!!” Clarkson raved on Twitter. “Everyone go give it a listen and check out our collaboration “I Would’ve Loved You!!” The music video for it will now come out on Monday, 2/1″

The music video, which came out Monday, features Jake Hoot singing from a stage in an empty auditorium. Kelly Clarkson starts on the balcony, but by the end of the video, both stars end up on stage together singing their climactic duet to one another. We really hope to see more of this collaboration in the future based on how well their voices match each other.