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Blake Shelton Loses Game on ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ by Not Identifying Wife Gwen Stefani’s Song

by Kati Michelle
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Partnering with his past co-star, Nick Jonas from “The Voice,” Blake Shelton made an appearance on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” competing against Kelly Clarkson and John Legend for a bit called “Throw Me a Line.” The rules were simple: listen to a warped soundtrack and try to guess the song before the other team.

The Clarkson-Legend duo was able to secure a lead early on, but Shelton and Jonas soon caught up. It was the final clue that did Shelton’s team in– “Hollaback Girl” by his wife, Gwen Stefani. Shelton couldn’t beat the other team to the buzzer and ultimately lost the game in an embarrassing ordeal.

The Honeymoon Phase: One Month After The Wedding

It’s been a little over a month since the lovebirds were married on Blake Shelton’s farm in Oklahoma. From surprise performances together at State Fairs to sporting sneakers with each others’ faces on them, it’s safe to say this couple is in the throws of their honeymoon phase.

Shelton recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he actually wrote a song for their wedding. While the singer didn’t find it hard to find inspiration in Gwen, he wanted the song to be perfect. So, he reached out to singer and producer Craig Wiseman for help. Shelton gave a lengthy quote about his process with writing the song:

“I started trying to write a song because that’s kind of the opposite of what she would have expected me to do,” he said of his bride during the interview. “‘Cause I’m to the point where I just don’t write that many songs anymore. It’s just like pulling teeth for me and she’s always on my case about it…. And so I started writing this song and I can only get so far with it. ‘Cause I didn’t want it to just be something for that moment. I wanted it to be something that was bigger and I saw I needed help. And so I called Craig Wiseman. I said ‘Craig, you got to help me with this thing. Like, I’m not joking around here.'”

Did Gwen Stefani Snub Blake Shelton’s Ex With Throwback Photoshop?

Fans are seemingly torn in their response to a new photo Stefani recently shared to her Twitter profile. The photo shows a young Blake Shelton with long locks and a photoshopped younger Stefani by his side. The photo seems innocent enough until you look at the comments.

Some fans are accusing Stefani of snubbing Blake Shelton’s ex-wife, Kaynette Williams. While fans may keep reading into the throwback photos posted by Stefani, there is no evidence to suggest any foul play or malicious intent.

At the end of the day, the couple seems happy and secure in the relationship they’ve built and the photo was probably nothing more than innocent play.