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Blake Shelton Mourns Death of Singer K.T. Oslin: ‘What an Incredible Story’

by Madison Miller
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Blake Shelton reacted to the news of K.T. Oslin’s death today on Twitter.

Blake Shelton Shares his Love

The country artist said, “Man I completely missed the awful news about KT Oslin passing away a couple days ago… I will always be a huge HUGE fan of her. What an incredible story and career she had.”

He also vowed that today would be spent with “Come Next Monday” and “Hold Me” on repeat.

He also shared the sentiment a very, very large portion of people probably agree with. That being, the year 2020 is not a year worth remembering.

“My lord this year can’t end quick enough for me…”

The Legacy of K.T. Oslin

Shelton’s news of Oslin’s passing is one day late. The “80’s Ladies” country star died on Monday. She had been in assisted living since 2016 and had Parkinson’s disease. She had COVID-19 last week, but it is unclear what exactly the 78-year-old died from.

The award-winning country star actually got her start in Broadway and as a folk singer with Guy Clark. Then, with the release of “80’s Ladies,” she earned two CMA awards. She was the first female to win CMA’s Song of the Year.

Even more than that, her music related especially to the group of female baby boomers.

“We’ve been educated / We got liberated / And had complicating matters with men.”

With a talent for scoring No.1 hits, Oslin created a place for herself in the industry as a thoughtful, independent female songwriter. Her music has had a lasting impact on a number of people, such as Blake Shelton. Many fans still obsess over her most popular debut song, “80’s Ladies.”

“That’s the one I still hear the most about, and that’s great … I still love that song. It spoke to a lot of people. I don’t know how I managed to write it, but it was a great song,” Oslin said in a 2015 Billboard interview.

Other artist like Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt mourned her death as well.

There has been a lot of loss in the country community this year. Artists like Joe Diffie, Charley Pride, John Prine are just a few who have passed away.