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Blake Shelton Dishes on How He and Gwen Stefani Will Decide on a Wedding Date

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage via Getty Images)

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani dated for five years before they got engaged in October. Though they still haven’t set a wedding date yet, nor have they made any big plans for it, Shelton said in a recent episode of Extra. The couple isn’t trying to be coy either, he said. Something is standing in the way.

Shelton appeared on the show with another The Voice judge Nick Jonas. Shelton kept joking that Jonas got Stefani fired from the popular NBC talent competition. He didn’t. She quietly stepped away from the show at the end of last season.

But the host quickly pivoted to Shelton and Stefani’s recent engagement, and more importantly, when they would tie the knot. Shelton said they don’t know. They hope it’s sooner rather than later, but the pandemic has made it difficult to plan for a large wedding, which they both want.

“We want our families to be there, her mom and dad, my mom and step-dad, and we don’t have a clue when we’re going to be able to mingle again. So that is all we’re waiting on,” Shelton said. “I would marry her when we’re done with this interview if I could.”

Shelton said that the moment they see some reprieve from the pandemic they will set a date. They’ve already picked the location.

Blake Shelton Says He Doesn’t Recall Much About Proposal

Blake Shelton said he doesn’t remember much about the day he asked Gwen Stefani to marry him. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Shelton said he’s attempted to recreate the memories in his mind but can’t seem to capture them correctly. He doesn’t even remember her saying yes.

And it’s not for lack of caring. In fact, Shelton said he and the entire family were overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment.

“It’s kind of a blur, honestly,” Shelton said. “I remember after I asked her, there were some crying and things. And Gwen’s oldest son, Kingston, was sitting right next to us when this happened, and Gwen at one moment said, ‘Wait a minute, did I answer you? Did I say yes out loud?’ And even I was wondering.

“And Kingston said, ‘Mom, yeah you did. I heard you say ‘Yes.’ You did,’” Shelton said. “So I don’t know how long it took, but that’s how it happened.”

But Shelton knows how lucky he is to have someone like Stefani in his life. It seems surreal, he said, and some people literally can’t believe it. Stephen Colbert joked with Shelton last month when he appeared on The Late Show that the singers’ relationship didn’t add up.

“I’ll tell you something that surprises a lot of people … you’re engaged to Gwen Stefani!” Colbert said. “What the? I mean, you seem like a nice guy; you’re talented and everything, but she’s Gwen Stefani! What the h*** is going on, Blake Shelton?”

Shelton took the jab in stride. Mostly because he’s feels just as confused.

“Stephen, listen – nobody is more shocked about this than I am,” Shelton said on the show. “… It makes no sense. …”