Blake Shelton Opens Up About ‘Awkward’ Conversations With Pals Not Invited to His Wedding

by Shelby Scott

In discussion with SiriusXM’s The Highway with Storme Warren, country superstar Blake Shelton opened up about some awkward conversations he had with friends concerning his recent wedding.

Shelton did not want their special day to turn into a “celebrity circus,” according to Taste of Country. In order to avoid this kind of chaos, Shelton and Stefani decided to keep their ceremony small and intimate. It was only attended by family and a few close friends.

“I’ve had awkward conversations with many of my friends since,” the “Minimum Wage” singer shared. In discussions with friends overall, the conversations seem bumpy. Additionally, many of those friends admit that they “read about” the ceremony followed by an awkward, “How was that?”

Despite the “awkward moments,” Shelton doesn’t have regrets. “We kept it small, get over it…it’s not about you,” he said. Whether Shelton and Stefani decided to keep it small due to the complications resulting from the coronavirus pandemic or a simple desire for a quiet day, it doesn’t seem up for discussion.

Shelton and Stefani no doubt had awkward conversations with numerous friends and well-wishers. And country star Luke Bryan may very well have been a part of that group. “I found out with the rest of the world,” he stated. Always the gentle-tempered friend, “I have started my mental wedding gift soiree,” Bryan said. According to the “American Idol” host, he definitely plans to include some embarrassing items in his gift.

Shelton and Stefani first met in 2014 on the set of “The Voice.” Following both the stars’ divorces, they began dating in 2015. They later announced their engagement on October 27, 2020. The couple’s wedding took place July 3, 2021 in a private chapel in Oklahoma.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Also Opted for a Quiet Honeymoon

Rather than planning some extravagant trip, the new husband and wife decided to stay home at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. The country star shared that his wife has discovered the “agriculture part of Oklahoma and things that you can do.”

While the decision may seem unorthodox for celebrities of their status, Stefani was most definitely in her element. According to her husband, she loves flowers and the pair planted “acres of just zinnias” this past spring. “She’s in absolute heaven with that,” he shared. Truthfully, I would be too.

Shelton also shared that the chapel the couple was married in was actually built on his property in preparation for the wedding. That he put so much effort into making the ceremony intimate shows he is much more interested in his new wife’s happiness and comfort rather than wedding extravagance. A man who builds you a chapel and plants acres of flowers for you? Talk about a fairytale.