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Blake Shelton Opens Up About Wedding Song for Gwen Stefani

by Jacklyn Krol
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Blake Shelton revealed the story behind his wedding song for Gwen Stefani.

In an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the country crooner spoke about his new bride and their nuptials. While they were on the altar, he performed an original for the No Doubt frontwoman. He co-wrote the tune “We Can Reach the Stars” alongside Craig Wiseman. He will officially be releasing the track on December 3.

“I didn’t feel pressure because she didn’t know I was gonna’ do it,” Shelton began. “There’s really no bar, you know, to set right here.”

Although Blake Shelton wasn’t nervous about the song itself, he did have another major concern.

“The only thing I was concerned about was breaking the barstool that they had for me to sit on. That was literally something that was in my mind,” he admitted.

He was able to keep the song and performance a secret and Stefani was stunned by the sweet gesture.

“Gwen is always, constantly on my ass about, I should be writing more songs, ‘How come you don’t write more songs,’” Shelton added. “I have gotten lazy about it over the years. So I decided I’ll step up and come up with something, so I did.”

As for the song’s release, it will coincide with the deluxe version of his latest studio album, Body Language, which originally debuted in May.

“I’m excited for people to hear it. A lot of people have asked me about it since they found out I did that,” Shelton said, “We’re excited about it. We want people to hear it. I mean, my god … I married Gwen Stefani! I want everybody to hear that.”

How Ariana Grande Ruined Blake Shelton’s Dream

Before Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton met, they had already interacted in an unexpected way. Back in 2016, they were going up against one another, releasing albums on the same day. Shelton was hoping to get the No. 1 all-genre album, but unfortunately, Grande’s Dangerous Woman topped it. However, Shelton did have the No. 1 country album that week.

“I released the album, and I had some momentum going at that point musically,” Shelton told People. “I was excited thinking that this might be my chance to have the No. 1 album in the country.”

Although Grande reigned supreme, he hold no ill will toward her. Only when she beats him for contestants on The Voice. But at the end of the day, his “Dreams were destroyed.”

If I’m Honest performed exceptionally well. It earned the No. 3 spot on the overall charts and No. 1 for country,” he noted. “Literally, I may as well have released a coaster of a CD. You trashed my album!” Shelton added.

Blake Shelton believes that Kelly Clarkson helped him bond with the newest coach on the competition series.

Our bond has been that we both make fun of Kelly,” Shelton joked.

“She’s got this incredible talent with not just her tone but her range,” Clarkson said of Grande. “Then also experience. She’s been doing it forever, since she was a kid. That’s an amazing amount of experience to be able to bestow upon your artists that you’re working with.”