Blake Shelton To Perform at NASCAR All-Star Race

by Allison Hambrick

Country star Blake Shelton is set to headline a pre-race concert for the NASCAR All-Star Race at the Texas Motor Speedway in May.

Shelton will perform a full 60-minute set prior to the race. The concert will be broadcast through Sirius XM and 95.9 The Ranch. The pre-race show is available for any fans who purchase a ticket. However, fans can purchase a Track Pass ticket upgrade, which allows them to move from the grandstands to the front of the stage.

“It only makes sense to have next-level talent like Blake Shelton perform for this festival of fun and part of one of the crown jewels of motorsports racing, the NASCAR All-Star Race,” said Rob Ramage, Texas Motor Speedway General Manager. “We are offering a priceless experience for our fans and have countless activities planned for this festival. Keep watching our website, we will have so many other next-level fan experiences to announce. It’s going to be huge, something for everyone, and we are so excited to have this super star, Blake Shelton, perform live during our All-Star Race and festival.”

Fans looking to score their own tickets can purchase them over at

Blake Shelton Discusses Fatherhood

Additionally, Shelton recently opened up about his other profession: being a stepfather. He stepped into this role in August of 2021, when he married longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

“I think Gwen thought when we first started seeing each other that it was just gonna be a moment in time because of that,” Shelton explained. While serving as judges on The Voice, Stefani and Shelton began dating. Both of them went through divorces around the same time, which cemented their bond. For Shelton, Stefani’s influence encouraged him to focus on aspects of life aside from his music career, largely because of her family.

“What I’ve been looking forward to doing for the last four or five years is eyeing that timeline, that part of my career, where I just need to start stripping some things away,” Shelton said. “You gotta get some life in there. [By] marrying Gwen, I’ve married into a family. She’s got three boys … and all of a sudden, you go, there’s other stuff.”

According to Shelton, the concept of marrying into a family was never a concern for him. In fact, he himself grew up in a blended family.

“My dad when he married my mom — my mom [already] had a baby, my brother, Richie,” Shelton revealed. “He took Richie on and raised him from the time he was 1-year-old, and my brother never thought of my dad as anything other than his dad. The example that my dad set for me was that [children were] not even a consideration [in a romantic partnership]. You got three boys? Awesome! My dad did it. My dad raised me.”